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  1. That's correct Delta, if someone leaves it won't count. The only thing I've heard on Black Ops 2 is leaderboards being locked for people who try to glitch high rounds. Not saying that's what you did, that's just the only cases I've heard of. I don't try to glitch, I think because people leave then.
  2. Whenever I reach a certain round that beats my previous record in the leaderboards it doesn't change. It doesn't happen in solo though, does this happen to anyone else?
  3. It's not that hard, I haven't got 9 but I've gotten close. When I find the first pile it gets easy from there.
  4. Nice guide, I used one of Mato's strategies where you stay in the room where you find the rope to the plane. Really easy spot, I only died because of the explosion of the acid gat upgraded or I ran out of ammo.
  5. Ice staff, it's the best so far in my opinion.
  6. fvdes


    Hello, I recently just found out about this website from TZP. I'm fvdes, hope to find some cool people and good zombie players!
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