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Posts posted by Hells Warrrior

  1. 1 hour ago, anonymous said:

    Sounds great. Will it also be for windows phone once?


    OK, as it stands no. It is not worth the investment for so little user was the response received. However, the understanding they have is that windows phones will soon support Android - so the answer will probably be a yes if that's true.

  2. We are now in the world of apps, we have at present our app live and available for download on the Apple App store.




    Now, I had a helluva fight with Apple trying to get the app name we wanted which was "CoDz Forum" or "callofdutyzombies.com" but due to trademark issues they wouldn't approve either of them. Even though CoDz is not trademarked or forum and callofdutyzombies.com is legally owned by us and we provided the proof that they required they refused due to association.


    So, the app is call "The Number One Zombies Community - for Call of Duty Zombies" as it was the name Apple basically said would be accepted (trust me, I've been fighting for 3 weeks on this issue).


    It essentially the same as the Tapatalk app, when you access the forum via the tapatalk app but now you don't need to go through Tapatalk to access the site, you can simple access the site via the CoDz app.


    Once in the app, it is white background but if you go to settings from the menu in the top right, you can change the look and feel and go to the night reading mode for a grey tone background. You can include or exclude your signature (defaulted to sent from iphone using call of zombies mobile app). 


    We hope you all enjoy and use the new app, the Android app will follow shortly.

  3. On 6/29/2016 at 5:00 PM, KlowniiN- said:

    dunno if this is really old or has been resolved for epic but i have the same problem. i got fed up with resetting my password so i use facebook to log in now


    What exactly happens? Login issue is completely seperate from the issue being reported here, it's like you are saying everytime you try to login with username and password it doesn't let you?


    I've tried to replicate but I haven't been successful, the only other option is to reset your password and then log you out and try the process directly with your account. It's not linked to the logged in as someone else problem though.

  4. Callofdutyzombies.com is now available on Tapatalk after a long holiday from the application. You can download Tapatalk from Apple Store or Google play.


    We also have some other exciting news which will be coming soon.

  5. 3 hours ago, Smok3y said:

    My favorite perk? 


    Guys, this stuff is still broken, I'm not Smok3y....

    I don't know how I get to log in with all different accounts, but this is ridiculous. 



    Please clear your browser cache and login again, it will fix the issue.

  6. I apologise for the downtime we have experienced today, this was outwith our control. Unfortunately, an issue at the data center caused the node our server is on to power cycle and as a direct result impacted our SQL database. Several attempts to recover the database from our backups and the hosts backups (without data loss) failed.


    So we did a full recovery from yesterday as a last resort, as a result posts/topics in the last 24 (approx) have been lost into the aether. 


    We are looking into what is preventing the recovery and crashes on the SQL database after an outage at the hosts and why we are directly impacted and what we can do to prevent in the future. 


    I'm sorry but it is what it is.

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