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  1. list 2 funny moments you everr have happen to on BO2 zombies or any zombies 1. 2 funny moments 2. wat game or map was it on 3. ADD ME :lol:
  2. i have a nooby moment on BO2 against some clan called AwZ all they did was noob tube across the map ON S&B and i always get killed but besides that the most nooby moment i had on zombies was on MOB OF THE DEAD brutus it was my first time playing that map and i didn't know that he can teleport and kill me on round 11 NOOOBYES MOMENT EVER FOR ME ON ZOMBIES.
  3. well thats cool im going for round 100 on der riese 0n ps3 but that would be very hard tho but if you hit 200 great job for your sucess. wat is your highest rouds? 8-)
  4. hello thier my fello codz members im friends with throwamonkeybomb so im new to codz k so can some people give me some good advise to help me out
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