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  1. Currently rewriting my thread/theory so itll be easier to understand, and I might have something to contribute to the orbs. Playing a game with some randoms I happened to generate the orb. Details:Full Lobby Character:Sam Orb seen:On pylon, Bottom White sparking attenna, Facing Nacht Red(had maxis side previously done) Round:7 I had a theory that in order to get the next step, we would have to get all the orbs on the pylon. I came about this theory because the last step people do is the lampost, and the newest thing we cant figure out EXACTLY is how these are generated. Some say they do nothing and they are there. Some say they just turn power on. I'm just giving my own account of these events. Long ago i had seen a video that extremely peaked my interest with the orbs. Go to YouTube and type in Black ops 2 glowing orb next step tuturioal: by 1percentlegit. In the vid. I believe 3 players leave there turbines at bus, diner, and cornfield. They don't touch em, he's adamant about that fact and it stuck with me. They leave them and then I assume player 4 turns power on. Some players could see the orb that appeared on pylon and some didnot. Another interesting fact was that the player in bus depot recieved a quote from Maxis about the two obtuse vertices of the scalene. A red flag jumped up with the combo of receiving a quote and an orb on the pylon.Whether or not it was related I took note of it and continued me EE hunt. Remembering this video I tried to generate the orbs in a random match. Turbine was built, im sure the ground cracked but we did not open the door to bus depot. I assume every1 grabbed a turbine. Ik for a fact Sam(me) and Misty had one. Since I cannot hear Maxis I theorized that the characters themselves would make an indication if I placed my turbine at the correct lampost. Laying it at bus depot, diner, and church lampost(the one directly after diner lava) produced no results. I am not sure who purchased the Gas station at diner but it was bought and the box was hit. Every1 got on the bus and rode it to farm, I hopped off tried church lampost...nothing. Ran until I caught up with the crew at farm, who already bought the door. By the time I checked for the piece in the barn, the bus was leaving. Deciding that it wasn't worth the effort to try and chase it I took my time and headed to corn lampost. Purchased the Remington 4 the denizens. Once I got to cornfield lampost I finally got a result. Upon placing it Stuh said "Wait a min... You mean I actually turned something on?!!". To me this especially stuck out. It sounded like a basic quote that I've heard before.... But why didn't he say it at any previous lamppost. So I left it. Roughly 4 seconds later I made a teleporter, but the quote was deff. heard before I made it. Trying to follow up on this theory I was about to run to power when I heard it turning on, I would say about 15 seconds after I made the teleporter. I walked back to the lamppost and kept shooting the denizens off of my head until power was completely on. And the instant, I mean instant that the power hit its peak...BAM!! Sparkly Red Orb dust... On the bottom white sparking antenna, facing the corn lamppost an Nach. Also the moment it spawned it shot a ray 4rm the orb to the tip of the pylon. **At 1st I assumed that it was the act of me leaving my turbine at the lamppost while power came on had caused the orb alone. However when I watched the video, Misty got stuck in the area of the P.A.P door and laid her turbine down also while power was on. Had I not viewed my video then I might have missed this critical piece of info.**** This had my gears turning like crazy, because I too have done enormous amounts of researching the backstory, etc. Mainly tho, I believe that listening to the characters in particular, like it is an actual story and pay attention to quotes is how we will eventually figure more out. Not only that but paying attention to the facts. I couldn't help but notice that once power is turned on, the pylon is also powered. Once powered it shows morse code on 2 of the antennas. I believe they are the exact same as in town. Upon closer observation there are 3 white sparking antenna, and a long cord running 4rm the pylon to the corn. Inside of power there is one long cord that runs 4rm the core of power n2 a wall. I assume this is the same power cord. I won't go into extreme detail but remember Kino and Der rese? We had to link the teleporters in order to activate them and I beleive this is no different seeing as to Dr. Maxis is the one providing instructions. Going off of all this I believe the way to trigger the orbs rely on a combination of leaving a turbine down at the right lampost, and also one at the pack a punch door in power. The specific 3 I would Assume would be the ones were you hear Dr. Maxis speaks. Evidence in his quotes talk about a specific design he wants you to make, so perhaps we have to be a little more thorough when doing the last step aka the Tricontomas System. I will rewrite my theory in full and try to explain it more thoroughly and simple, it is very difficult to take what's in my head and place it on paper =^p.
  2. Lol try standing by the fridge in farm, idk why but I think it's the loudest in farm.
  3. Ehhh, I feel you but I believe that ppl were still there because of cars, trucks, the civilian clothes that the zombies wear. I feel if they would have implemented the Alarm system.... Then why at farm? It would b no reason to put an alarm n a place were no1 was around. It would make more sense to put it n power, town, etc. An example were a govt, facility was under a farm was the second XXX movie with ice cube. Next time your in farm check out the rug.
  4. Lol yea the alarm sound really Biggs me, and the fact that the same boxes in the barn at the same in the cabin are driving me crazy. In any sense they at least feel connected. But what Bigg me the most is the alarm sound heard in Farm as power comes on..... And the carpet nfront of the fridge. For some reason to me it seems interactive. I may be looking into detail to much but there is blood on the edge of the rug/carpet but none on it. You can also shoot it and it will not leave a mark on it. Also the alarm sound gets louder in that area than any other. Idk if it's anything but generally when the govt. is doing something secret, they use a farm, lots of space.
  5. Currently re-writing this and once again, thanks for the advice and really understanding, I shouldn't have been so qik to jump the gun on a new site, normally takes a lot for me 2 be like that, iguess I just lost it, but that's still no excuse, thanks man. In the game, no I had already previously completed the tower (Maxis side). It was a random lobby and my intention was to turn the power on/off while leaving my turbine at diff lamps. It was random simply because ik people will get mad with the Turing on/off of power so I had mic out. Plus I feel to do the full Ee you need 4 people. No1 teleported at all, and every1 rode the bus to power, except me, I got left at farm trying to get the confirm sound on the TV, don't think I did get it. The bus left and I ran after with my turbine out, because he runs faster. Got to the lampost in cornfield and laid it down, Stuhlinger said"wait a min, do you mean I actually turned something on?". (*didnt hear Maxis of course because I had the tower already, but I believe I would have heard a quote at this lamp*) He didn't speak at any other previous lamps so I left it there and made a teleporter but didn't use it. I remained at the lamp and just stared at the pylon until I heard power starting up. Once fully on the orb appeared, and I mean instantly at the bottom white sparking attennea, and once it appeared it shot a beam 4rm that spot to the tip of the spire(exactly like the beams in town) At 1st I thought it was just simple as laying the turbine down at the lamp post, but recently I treat he'd the video in theater and I found 1 player(Misty) got stuck in that area an placed turbine down b4 it wa fully on.
  6. I would be honored if you informed them, like I said navigating on the iPhone is so painfull. And I barely do forums as it is so I wouldn't kno who to contact, ik DBZ from the previous cod site, and hes the reason I made it this far. Perhaps I will re-write my post, sorry for the confusion in it, lol comes out diff. When you write it instead of think it. Biggest problem: Getting thoughts in my head--------->on paper
  7. Sorry, just really burnt out doing the same song & dance routine. I have been trying extremely hard to get this out and it goes widely unnoticed. What I have done is simply listened to all Maxis quotes and done trail and error matches back to back so I can actually have a placement for quotes. After that I noticed that Maxis wants a specific design, evidence by his lampost quotes. (2 obtuse vertices, one of the required 3 points, The tricontomas system Is now complete). Now I have noticed that ppl get these quotes, just people dont use these EXACT 3 lampost were maxis is heard. He has a 4th quote(well done now activate the spires powe, are you circumsied? oh hold, tres tres). But this sounds awfully like a ?, more like he's asking you, are you good? On the pylon once power is on, it sparks. 2 red, 3 white. The white bottom is we're I had the orb appear for me, and I thought maybe thi is why he needs a specific design. If possible we get the design correct, then we can move on further. I mean ik it could b dlc, but honestly do any of you believe that? If just tranzit would b dlc then.... Idk its just way more evidence pointing to more EE, than DLC, I just simply don't see them returning to tranzit, with only 2 dlcs left I'm pretty sure it will take an epic turn, not reverse switch. Also I applied Jimmy's tweet to my theory"Points, or whatever you may call them, wait the appropriate amount of time, then continue to work." He also said only one team had completed it successfully. I look extremely hard at the facts b4 I move, and sorry for the grammar, it's very hard navigating these forums on a phone. But I'm dedicated.
  8. WKz Clan I fully apologize, just like you didn't read my post all the way, I did the same and replied under false pretext. Ive learned to accept that I won't be liked by every1 I just simply ask don't post unless you will contribute. What's tha point, it takes more time to say staging than to ignore, once again I'm sorry.
  9. I will add that I, personally have been standing in the cornfield and lookin directly at the pylon as the orb popped up. Bottom side facing Nach were it is sparking. The conditions were simple. I was with randoms every1 rode the bus. I got left at Farm. I was running to catch up power and I layed turbine down in the cornfield. Stuh said"wait a min, you mean I actually turne something on?". I DID NOT TOUCH IT, denizen jumped on my head and made teleporter. Then I stayed by the lamp until power came fully on and I seen it appear(red,I have maxis side done) on the pylon and stayed. At 1st I thought you just had to lay the turbine at the lamp and leave it while power is coming on, but I watched the video and Misty got stuck in the P.A.P. section and layed her turbine down twice. I am so sincere and believe this is the key, Tru EE hunters will c and the rest will copy when a faker, claiming they knew it was more along, makes a sketchy video like the ones we have now. Don't 4get to subscribe to home either smh
  10. Look man I really don't need this. Just like you are a REAL person behind that MSG, so am I. If you read my post thoroughly then you wouldnt have left a useless message, but you were 2 busy sending me a MSG and telling me 2 subscribe 2 you. Look I have scoured tranzit and Aother forums and it's people like you who block getting this EE done correctly. Just because I made an account today does not mean I have just spammed you. This is the sole reason I don't like forums is because they are flooded with non attempting non believers. If you really believe the tranzit EE is done, then leave me alone. This is for people who have fain and don't beg for YouTube videos. Have you ever just thought about the steps or have you been a video junkie and done monkey see monkey do? When you strt analyzing and seeing orbs on the pylon, then message me back. Hi I'm the Mr.Dr.Proffesor.Sir. How's that for an intro?
  11. Hello once again zombie community. Had at work on the tranzit EE and I'm feeling like it is eventually about to pay off. This is not a post for those that believe there is no more to tranzit, and I don't wanna waste your time, So please don't waste ours with intense speculation just because you can't swallow your pride. While I have my own opinion, I will respect any1 else's opinion, so long as they are respectful themselves. Once again please don't clog this thread with insults, thank you or F**k you in advance. That being said I will start my theory. Tranzit was my first official zombie map. I had played zombie maps b4, but never knew about the secret EE or storyline on the maps. Once some1 showed me a teleporter, I dove head first in2 the zombie storyline, and watched hours upon hours of zombie vids, looked at forums, etc, until I felt I had most of the storyline down to a Z. After this I attempted the Maxis and Richtofen EE like every1 else and felt cheated. There was this sensation that even though this was the 1st EE I have done, if Felt....un rewarding. Simply having us to return to Tranzit for DLC or leaving just 7 quotes out didn't make any sense, and it being DLC was just an excuse for not finding anymore. Going off of this instinct I slowly but surly started doing more research, listening over and over to the Radios on all maps, trying to get a full a better picture. Once I did I listened to all of maxis quotes (I believe 27) on tranzit and realized that there must be a specific order regardless. So I started attempting Maxis side over and over until I felt I heard his quotes and knew were he said what. A trail-error if you will. The known places he says these quotes, are around electronic devices, but while power is off, kind of like he's at a Command Center. But we'll dive in that later. Along my quest of finding tha Lamppost quotes, I was playing with DBZ and Flying Platapus, and a convo. came up stating that one of the quotes("you have done well, now activate the spires power, are you circumsized, oh hold on tres, tres?) sounded more like a question than a confirmation. Thinking about it...it makes perfect sense. Here are the quotes I found and believe the route should be took as such. Attempt If you would like or leave GT. I am off 2day and would like to crack this EE. 1.Build turbine A)"That's it now complete the device, do it!" 2.turn power on off A)"excellent you have freed it, but now you must turn off the power. An activ power grid will disrupt all communications between us, and make it impossible to accomplish the mission I have for you. Shut down the power." B)"Yes, outstanding. Now we can continue our other tasks." Now this is really were the EE begins, the steps that must be taken have to be very delicate, I cannot find a team whom wished to follow an actual guideline instead of being an NGT zombie or a Lone wolf attempting it there own. Under the pylon This step, I firmly believe that you need 2 have all 4 turbines placed b4 killing him, or at least all them at hand, reason being these are the quotes he says under pylon.(+) symboliz a positive quote (-) negative quote. A(+)"You have done well, but yet we need more energy." B(+)"Not enough power, bring additional energy systems." C(+)"Yes, power. We need more of it, but only power that is portable, and possibly even alive." There are a distinct 3 quotes. I believe if you screw up or forget a turbine you will receive this "negative" quote. D(-)"Ahh, your power supplies are drained. Now start again, portable power devices are running out, you will have to re-do a step, hurry. You have let power degrade below acceptable levels. Return to the previous locations." Sounds pretty negative to me. Now I have gotten this quote, and still been able to get my tower lit, so I do believe it is a correct sequence of steps, and these are simply getting over looked. Now of done correctly I believe you will hear this one, as I did doing my research. I cannot remember the conditions of the game I heard, but I am 100% sure I have heard this under the pylon E)"Kill the creature, kill it now so we may capture its essence." Perhaps if enough turbines are down maxis will tell us when to kill him. But my main point is that there is a moment when he DOES want you 2 kill him, maybe the turbines boost his power 2 a certain level or etc. really don't care, ijust kno ik the facts. My theory is that if done correctly then you will hear this one. F)"You have done well, but we need yet more energy. This is but the tip of what need 3 sides. Now, create the Tritotimus? system." So now we must move to the lampost, and Make a specific system for this mad genius. The next steps are simple and could now be easily understood why no1 has found any more steps. Under the lampost there are 4 quotes. 3 I believe is positive and one negative. Also keep in mind that he says activate the spires power, I believe which is an interactive step the players must take, simply by laying 3 turbines at the right lampost...and one at pack a punch, LEAVE THEM THERE!!! And whomever turbine is at power, have them turn power on. The lampost quotes are as follows. A)"That is but one of the required three points to complete the design." Notice he says one of 3, that's why I believe the last turbine must be at pack a punch. B)"Excellent! You have activated the two obtuse vertices of the scalene, quickly complete the tertiary Node." C)"Good! The Tratotamus system is now complete." These 3 have to be found and remembered out of 8 lamps. I believe after this we shall be able to proceed. But he obviously wants a specific design and only talks a specific lamppost, big red flag to a true analyzer. If you wish to attempt, great luck and hope you succeed. My Gamertag is Dr3aDxL0cKxPaC o is a zero. This is my 4th attempt in 2 weeks to spread this information, and b4 you come with all your speculation and telling me I'm completely wrong, please save it. I have put way to much time in this for some1 who "thinks" that it is not right. Attempt it with me 1st b4 you Try and shoot me down. Thank you.
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