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  1. Currently rewriting my thread/theory so itll be easier to understand, and I might have something to contribute to the orbs. Playing a game with some randoms I happened to generate the orb. Details:Full Lobby Character:Sam Orb seen:On pylon, Bottom White sparking attenna, Facing Nacht Red(had maxis side previously done) Round:7 I had a theory that in order to get the next step, we would have to get all the orbs on the pylon. I came about this theory because the last step people do is the lampost, and the newest thing we cant figure out EXACTLY is how these are generated. Some say
  2. Lol try standing by the fridge in farm, idk why but I think it's the loudest in farm.
  3. Ehhh, I feel you but I believe that ppl were still there because of cars, trucks, the civilian clothes that the zombies wear. I feel if they would have implemented the Alarm system.... Then why at farm? It would b no reason to put an alarm n a place were no1 was around. It would make more sense to put it n power, town, etc. An example were a govt, facility was under a farm was the second XXX movie with ice cube. Next time your in farm check out the rug.
  4. Lol yea the alarm sound really Biggs me, and the fact that the same boxes in the barn at the same in the cabin are driving me crazy. In any sense they at least feel connected. But what Bigg me the most is the alarm sound heard in Farm as power comes on..... And the carpet nfront of the fridge. For some reason to me it seems interactive. I may be looking into detail to much but there is blood on the edge of the rug/carpet but none on it. You can also shoot it and it will not leave a mark on it. Also the alarm sound gets louder in that area than any other. Idk if it's anything but gen
  5. Currently re-writing this and once again, thanks for the advice and really understanding, I shouldn't have been so qik to jump the gun on a new site, normally takes a lot for me 2 be like that, iguess I just lost it, but that's still no excuse, thanks man. In the game, no I had already previously completed the tower (Maxis side). It was a random lobby and my intention was to turn the power on/off while leaving my turbine at diff lamps. It was random simply because ik people will get mad with the Turing on/off of power so I had mic out. Plus I feel to do the full Ee you need 4 people.
  6. I would be honored if you informed them, like I said navigating on the iPhone is so painfull. And I barely do forums as it is so I wouldn't kno who to contact, ik DBZ from the previous cod site, and hes the reason I made it this far. Perhaps I will re-write my post, sorry for the confusion in it, lol comes out diff. When you write it instead of think it. Biggest problem: Getting thoughts in my head--------->on paper
  7. Sorry, just really burnt out doing the same song & dance routine. I have been trying extremely hard to get this out and it goes widely unnoticed. What I have done is simply listened to all Maxis quotes and done trail and error matches back to back so I can actually have a placement for quotes. After that I noticed that Maxis wants a specific design, evidence by his lampost quotes. (2 obtuse vertices, one of the required 3 points, The tricontomas system Is now complete). Now I have noticed that ppl get these quotes, just people dont use these EXACT 3 lampost were maxis is heard. H
  8. WKz Clan I fully apologize, just like you didn't read my post all the way, I did the same and replied under false pretext. Ive learned to accept that I won't be liked by every1 I just simply ask don't post unless you will contribute. What's tha point, it takes more time to say staging than to ignore, once again I'm sorry.
  9. I will add that I, personally have been standing in the cornfield and lookin directly at the pylon as the orb popped up. Bottom side facing Nach were it is sparking. The conditions were simple. I was with randoms every1 rode the bus. I got left at Farm. I was running to catch up power and I layed turbine down in the cornfield. Stuh said"wait a min, you mean I actually turne something on?". I DID NOT TOUCH IT, denizen jumped on my head and made teleporter. Then I stayed by the lamp until power came fully on and I seen it appear(red,I have maxis side done) on the pylon and stayed. At 1st I thoug
  10. Look man I really don't need this. Just like you are a REAL person behind that MSG, so am I. If you read my post thoroughly then you wouldnt have left a useless message, but you were 2 busy sending me a MSG and telling me 2 subscribe 2 you. Look I have scoured tranzit and Aother forums and it's people like you who block getting this EE done correctly. Just because I made an account today does not mean I have just spammed you. This is the sole reason I don't like forums is because they are flooded with non attempting non believers. If you really believe the tranzit EE is done, then leave me alo
  11. Hello once again zombie community. Had at work on the tranzit EE and I'm feeling like it is eventually about to pay off. This is not a post for those that believe there is no more to tranzit, and I don't wanna waste your time, So please don't waste ours with intense speculation just because you can't swallow your pride. While I have my own opinion, I will respect any1 else's opinion, so long as they are respectful themselves. Once again please don't clog this thread with insults, thank you or F**k you in advance. That being said I will start my theory. Tranzit was my first offici
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