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  1. Nope I tried that aswell does not do a thing
  2. I've done it. it does not change anything nothing happens.
  3. i am available for help gt: juicyunikorn
  4. Correct me if I am wrong, but in the Die Rise ee maxis took over russmans body in the buddah room? if so could return to processing mean something along the lines of maxis leaving russmans body and possibly a new entity entering it??
  5. I have been noticing a bunch of people saying they are not excited for Buried. For what ever reason you have either the horror factor is lost or the story took a wrong turn or whatever it may be. I just don't understand it is a new map with endless possibility's If I were Treyarch and I saw that people weren't excited I would be pretty sad.
  6. So as we all know there is some sort of oversized prisoner that either helps or fights us in theory. I was just curious as to your guys thoughts, how will this big guy change gameplay there was a switch up with mob of the dead adding brutus, but brutus was not always around i wonder how the game will react to this character
  7. Woah i forgot i posted this but there was a trailer analysis and the zombie did have yellow eyes and they didnt show it again after that i figured it was just a glitch but you never know yah know
  8. Does anyone remember the yellow eyes on the zombies? And with samantha lullaby in the game even if it is a simple ee i think there is a way to change eye color like in nuketown, but this time not by rounds
  9. Dont hints usually come out with patches or small easter eggs?
  10. I havent thought to mention this yet but i was playing as sal a few days back and got the redeemer for the first time and after awhile of only using it for kills sal went off on a rant for atleast a minute or 2 in length. Anyone else get this?
  11. Does anyone know what the voice says when you grab the spork with the tomahawk?
  12. No problemo!! But with the teleport i am talking about the golden spork you have to zap the spoon and it teleports to the cafeteria where you then stir it in the tub of blood but you must have noticed when you shock a zombie they dont die they just teleport somewhere else on a map usually screwing things over but still this proves they are in fact being tansported. And has anyone figured out the a cat has 9 lives on the plans?
  13. Fated and mmx ihad a feeling you guys would reply hahaha you 2 are some of the coolest zombie conspirators that i have seen on this site and iunderstand theyare attached to your profile but, that still leaves my question as to what can we get with the redeemer and the fact that teleportation is still alive but only in th afterlife i feel there is more stuff we can teleport in the after life too build as there are 3 tables i doubt it could be a nav reader but who knows??
  14. These things scare me.... So much brain power
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