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  1. Actually the feet of two other pylons are accesable. I noticed that today. Didn't try heating then up with the Jet Gun though.
  2. I got jugg and jumped in the lava pit at the bus depo, but i didn't se any indications or anything. But it's hard to say because the burning effect blur the screen pretty good! Havn't tried the emp'ing the bus when it's on the broken bridge, I have just looked under it in Theater mode. But it's my opinion that the free camera can go the same places as the characters!
  3. Im pretty sure that you can crawl under the bus, when its on the broken bridge! just EMP it at the right time. I did it in theater mode, and looked under the bus. I did not find anything special, but it seems like there is a part missing between the two front wheels!
  4. I believe the turret and the electrical trap must be used for something important, but we just haven't got to that point yet Im in the same situation as you with the easter egg, my friends couldn't care less. What system are you playing on?
  5. Hi! I would like to get an overview over the different guns you get from the mystery box, when the weird glowing appears. In the videos i have seen, it seems like the Type 25 and the Ray Gun appears very often! But i have also seen the Ballistic Knife and heard about the S12. So i want to hear from you guys what gun you recieved after the glow appeard, so we could get an overview and mabye a connection Also the sign that says "D A Y x / 2 me" a lot of people seems to translate it to "Day cross over to me" But after further inspection i noticed that the letter after the D on the sign is R. Then it would say Ray x2 me, linking it to shoot "me" with the upgraded ray gun I dont know, just wanted to hear your thought Bye!
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