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  1. Go back to the trailer of zombie and pause at front view of riot shield, you can now probably notice that the car door and image 3 (the trolley) are used or combine in a manner to make the riot shield.
  2. Hmm this is an interesting one anyone got anything?
  3. THIS THREAD WILL NOT DIE, Anyone have a idea why he posted 5115, I think he was just referring to 115.. :?:
  4. Maybe Gary Zukav will be in zombies if they travel in time because he was a vietnam war vet.
  5. I know but what is so signifigant about 5115 followers that made him post
  6. If anyone would like to discuss this via skype my skype name is acegamer95 Just so you know we dont break any rules :lol:
  7. Many of you know who he is well he recently posted a new tweet and updated a bio, I cannot figure out how they would have to do with zombies. Maybe he is just trolling us or maybe one of you can find the connection?

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