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  1. Dogs definatley Suck. Monkeys are bad, And George is just a pain in the....Well you know the rest!
  2. I had a bit more of a think about private matches (if it becomes an option)as black ops had with Multiplayer games:- Within a private match you could change any of the rules involved in the game mode ie: Choice of map once all unlocked Players can only buy wall guns No Box (Something a bit different) Finish at a particular level or a specific time Zombie difficult rating ie how hard they are to kill How many perks one can have No equipment etc Just another Idea.......
  3. You indeed sound very excited about the new black ops II. Looks like you have thought about this quite abit with some good ideas. I like the idea of being able to choose your pistol and grenades but to have equiptment from the start aswell is not really required. Part of the fun is not knowing what drop you will get in the first rounds if any. Verruckt is a great example of players starting a map in different rooms, so teamwork is required to join up by turning on power/opening doors etc. I do like that idea. I like the fact that Zombies brings an element of difficulty and by adding a few of your suggestions might make a little easy. However in saying that, maybe there could be difficulty ratings, ie Easy, Hard & Extreme (Extreme being how we play today) or in a private game you can vary options like the others you have mentioned. Keep coming up with the ideas though, you never know Treyarch might contact you oneday..... :)
  4. Welcome to the site Davey! The guys here are great. If you have any questions just ask.. Always up to slay some zombies.....
  5. Thanks Salad! I have created a post in the Off Topics section labelled 'Console Battle'
  6. A few different tactics to try, thanks guys. God Damn Monkeys! It took me three goes of monkey rounds before they dropped a perk bottle..Going for 30+ on ascension tonight will try and get that 5th perk.
  7. You guys have given me an idea for a new topic.. You can spill out your rhyming console vs console slang....
  8. Yeah thats what I was looking at. Thanks for the instructions, Ill have a look on the weekend and see if I can get amongst it.
  9. Whats up CODz fans. If I have four perks before the first set of monkeys arrive in the spaceship and we protect the perk machines will I be awarded with a 5th perk? Tried it myself on solo but couldnt protect all the vending machines and blew all my points ...
  10. Juggs all the way 8-) But if I had to choose one apart from the obvious i'd have to go for Stamina up. With some of the bigger maps its essential. If I can get more than the 4 perks available ie Call of the dead then Ill grab quick revive to help my mates out.
  11. Awesome Thanks Stoned! Can you tell me how you got that image/button of Dempsey which obviously says 50+ co-op but how do you verify that? ie ive seen 300+ Kills in No Mans Land.
  12. I had a quick look but can someone explain how to get brains etc added to your status bar? And what exactly do they represent :? Thanks in advance
  13. Undead, xP. I strongly disagree. The PS3, made by Sony, Lets you play your games for free. No need to pay a bill, To get yourself a thrill! You can spend your time, Playing games online, 'cos the PS3 is brill! Srsly though, lets not start arguing over which console is better ;P Yes I agree I am sure there is a dedicated forum for that debate.....MrWoffles kudos to you if you just made that little jingle up
  14. Whats up CODZ fans? I've been looking at this site for whilst with no interaction and thought Id better finally sign up!! Looking forward to getting involved in some discussions and some of these comps and tourneys that are around, but more importantly cant wait for the new Black Ops 2 . On my third PS3..... :roll: But I love it..
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