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  1. Yeah because customising while playing may be slightly pushing it but doing it before going into the actual game makes sense
  2. Okay, now that is thinking inside the box...in a good way i think that is a really good idea
  3. I do really like the idea of flashbacks as tiny sections of a possible campaign, going to each map individually for a brief time, maybe introduce the idea that to move on to the next map the easter egss would have to be completed.
  4. See this is what i was thinking, how many doors (no pun intended)does the idea of ranking alone open? There is so much stuff they could do with it, personally i like the idea of being able to spawn with the power on just for a change........ a long awaited change
  5. They could introduce like a boss every ten rounds.......that could be interesting
  6. Yeah i think private match customisation would be really cool, i mean you could make it so you dont go down or go down longer, or even make it so every round was a special round (like dogs....but not dogs because dogs suck)
  7. Yeah i think if they make it to easy some people we get bored of it way to quickly, or even worse youd get people get max level straight away and ruining it for new players by kill stealing.... Ooh and i just had a thought, what if with each prestige (assuming that was introduced) they increased your max perk count by one? That would mean you really .....really earned it.
  8. I really appreciate the feedback:) And i totally get what you mean about it maybe getting too easy, they would have to really carefully think about it if they ever did But the idea of different difficulties really interests me, like the easy difficulties could have radar and stuff where the hardest could remove all hud. I think they could do really cool stuff with that idea!!
  9. Ahh well im sure they can do it a lot better than me anyways I am just really excited dude!!
  10. I totally agree with you in terms of the idea i think that a zombie campaign would be totally amazing. But i think as it is a new game, they need to focus on moving forward with the story. I'd prefer to see a continuation of what we already know in the form of a campaign than an entire re-imagining of what we have already played. But yeah i LOVE the idea, personally id buy a game that was entirely zombies over just part.
  11. Okay so i'll just start of by saying im totally new to this and while i've a few threads i havnt seen any that say this, if there is one im totally sorry if you feel like ive stole that idea (but i didnt). Okay so we all LOVE zombies. I mean come on its totally the best thing about Call of Duty right now. But we also all know there is so much stuff that could be done to improve it. My idea is that there should be ranks in zombies. But theese ranks dont just level you and you get a nice feeling. They are there for unlocks. Just like multiplayer. Obviously it goes without saying that this would have to be very carefully done as to not upset the balance between players, but i think this done right would be awesome guys. So think about it, you start with grenades and a pistol. No Perks. No Equipment. No Variation on Gun. No Variation on Grenades. My top suggestions are: - The ability to change which Pistol you start with (any other gun would be to much) - The ability to change which grenade type you start with - The ability to select different equipment to start with - The ability to start the game in different rooms (though would lead to problems of other players who do not have this unlocked) - The first use of the box is free to the player - The ability to start with different perks (Obviously the better perks would be unlocked at the higher levels) - The ability to be able to purchase all perks - The possibility of starting with a usable max ammo - The ability to self revive up to three times in a match Please tell me your thoughts on these suggestions, and once again i apologise if someone has already come up with this exact idea before me.
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