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  1. Guys, zombies WILL BE in http://www.charlieintel.com/2012/05/02/ ... um=twitter =D Edited: Wow... you are fast... >.
  2. Well he took 5 frags in the face and was prisoner in Hanoi Hilton where they tortured prisoners Haha! I mean after his time in Hanoi. "none of this surprises me". Some really bad things are happening in this "near future Cold War".
  3. Thanks to all ^^ It seems like Woods have witnessed some bad things.
  4. Can anyone write what the new audio says? I don't understand half of the message =(
  5. New audio track on the website! Seems to be older Woods ^^
  6. Probably glitched. For me it indicates 1 more hour (GMT +1).
  7. Treyarch is the best team when it comes to campaign and deep plots. I'm pretty sure they will link Black Ops 2 with its prequel ^^ I see zombies in it 100%. It wouldn't be the same without them.
  8. Maybe... 11 kills like the Chopper Gunner/Dogs. If it takes 3 rockets to destroy it, it's OK.
  9. Hi Dual! I don´t know what image are you talking about. Is that? (Hola Dual! ¿De qué foto hablas? Te refieres a esta? Por cierto, soy Pride, no sé si me recuerdas de fotos y teorías de ShangriLa xD) Yes, I refered to that image, but you posted the leaked one xD
  10. We already know that the "strange barrel" image is a UGV (as we called a few days ago), and its name will be "Claw". I don't want to post the leaked image, but it's on the internet. Edited: There you go. The image :roll:
  11. Even going to the language section gets your IP blocked =P
  12. It's sad too se people reporting other users for "leaking" info, when you can clearly see that the posts are edited. If you quote the unedited posts, you are leaking the info. Just don't spam the freaking quote button!
  13. Edited because it may be a leak and I don want to ruin anyone's experience ^^'
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