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  1. Andrew Lincoln - The Walking Dead Christopher Meloni - L&O SVU Daniel Tosh or Louis CK I can't really think of anyone else/ :lol:
  2. I kept thinking that when "The future is not as far off as we think" Quote came out. I wonder who's involved in the second Cold War. Maybe the remaining few Communist countries like North Korea, Cuba, and China?
  3. So stoked for this trailer and game, now that we know Frank Woods is back. Perfect timing since The President is making a live address tonight. :lol:
  4. It looks more like a side view of the person, that's his arm going into what I'm guessing is a shirt sleeve.
  5. I could agree with that. Good job sir! -Jolteon I can definitely see it.
  6. Interesting wrist bracer/armor? Can anybody make anything out of the patch on his arm? I see a US flag patch and that's it. Looks like a Colt but I'm probably wrong.
  7. It was Apollo One that caught fire during a test, killing the entire crew. It could be something NASA related. If we're still thinking of this game being a direct sequel to Black Ops, maybe the Soviet Union is trying to sabotage our Space Program just like we did to them.
  8. I've been toying with the thought that might be a Railgun/Gauss weapon.
  9. Looks like something straight out of an oil refinery. Maybe the new game is going to focus on fighting for resources. I did a search for Oil Refinery and Tacitus and and article about censorship was the first result. http://www.thefileroom.org/publication/atkinshistory.html
  10. Regarding earlier comments about Oliver North, I've heard some people saying that it might actually be David Petraeus former General and current head of the CIA.
  11. I'm 50/50 about this. It's a .edu link so it could just be something academic related, but I wouldn't rule it out right away.
  12. Has something to do with DARPA, which handles all of the Military's R&D. Maybe they've contracted Tacitus to make new weapons?
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