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  1. I figured, it's late and my brain's going in all sorts of weird directions, trying to keep a logical and level-headed mindset on all this, but it's hard not to fly off the handle sometimes
  2. Long-time Zombies player, always loved the game and the lore, still haven't done anything monumental though, highest level is only 47 on Asc 2player Feel like I'm a better than average player, and come up with good strats, but it always seems like there's that one random thing that goes horribly wrong and screws up everything, and from an outsiders perspective, seemed like this was the best place to find help and meet some more good zombies players ...that and after reading like...13-14 pages of the BO2 thread, I had so many ideas bouncing around in my head that I felt like I had to start contributing or else my head would explode, and that would just lead to [brains] everywhere..and nobody wants to clean that up
  3. Holy shit that's epic...not bad for a band that's only been around for a year...he DOES kinda sound like a zombie ...maybe Treyarch wanted us to find this band?...Tacitus just seems so uncommon for it to not have some sort of linkage..trying to find lyrics for their songs...maybe there's some sort of significance there?...Then again I'm probably reading way too far into this
  4. Jesus...I go to bed this morning and when I wake up there are 5 new pages to read through @_@ ..and as expected, my attempts to find a decoded message or any sort of cipher from the words and whatnot last night came up empty ;_; Now this new image...Just the other day on History they had back-to-back specials on future aircraft, and something that looked almost identical to it was shown in the 2008 episode...can't remember if it was Lockheed-Martin or Northrup-Grumman, but one of the two...guess this just further confirms the near-future/present-day timeframe for BO2. I can't see them going too far into the future, and even though FPS said "10-15 years" we have to remember that Black Operations operatives got the best of the best that was available at the time, and most things classified as such, the general public doesn't even know about. So if now, in this day and age, we know of the Quadrotor and this UAV or, most likely, UCAV, then chances are it was being "used" way before now, at least from a BO universe perspective...Or I could be completely wrong, who knows? /longwinded rant And on the subject of the new video, I just noticed that at the moment he finishes saying "anyone" it hits 3.23 on the timestamp, where the original gif started...pointing to that same number again, a date I guess. Anything significant in history happen on March 23rd? And just an opinion thing here...his articulation makes me think he is somebody of political or military power, a CO maybe, doesn't sound quite authoritative to be a CIC. Almost sounds like a clip from a debriefing before a mission or something..
  5. Could also be referring to the Vietnam War, although most likely the tail end, early to mid-70s, if we are still going with the direct sequel idea. An excerpt from a page on the war..."The Viet Cong would attack in ambushes, set up booby traps, and escape through a complex network of underground tunnels. For U.S. forces, even just finding their enemy proved difficult. In every village, U.S. troops had difficulty determining which, if any, villagers were the enemy since even women and children could build booby traps or help house and feed the Viet Cong." Fits the bill, I'd say. Still not there for me :
  6. Much more on this topic in the main BO2 viral thread, 'i am richtofen' had some interesting things to say about the numerological implications of 4, 13, and 413
  7. Seems a bit fishy, in the past BO hotfixes have always been very detailed as far as what they are changing or fixing, then again it's only on 360, so who knows Also found this, never saw it posted in full, just the one picture of the quadrotor in-engine. Contains bunch of behind-the-scenes goodies from the Quadrotor shoot, as well as multiple videos, and some more pictures of the quad in-game in a 'test environment'. Nothing new, sadly, but it's neat to look at http://digitalwarfare247.com/games/blac ... -quadrotor
  8. Sup CodZ! This pseudo-ARG we have goin on brought me back to the site yet again, used to come here whenever I needed to know something Zombies-related because chances were, somebody else had already asked my dumb question Looks like I'm stickin around for awhile this time though as this ARG has completely enthralled me to the point where I can hardly stop brainstorming about it...anyway, look forward to being along for this crazy ride orchestrated by Treyarch..trying to not to get longwinded here sooo...bye!
  9. Just a random thought, has anybody tried to cross-reference these new hidden letters with the letters from the original numbers gif? Maybe together there is some sort of phrase that reveals itself with the addition of WZQOH? Or maybe not with the original gif, but the one that has now replaced it? Letters flash in that one as well (was able to see a D,C, and B in one frame). I do not at the time have a program in which I could break it down frame by frame, if somebody else does though that would be amazing, would love to confirm or deny my suspicions... I remember in the Portal ARG they gave us a random jumble of letters in a similar fashion, then one day hidden flickering numbers/letters were found, similar to this, which turned out to be a cipher to decode the previous message. The characters in this new gif only seem to change once, some twice from numbers to letters, perhaps there is something identical going on here?
  10. Finally had to make an account and whatnot after reading through this entire thread...thought to search around for this this morning while crusin through the thread, but kind of a moot point now that we know that LA is important, but all of these places share the 34th parallel N with, you guessed it, LA Guess since this wasn't hit upon after a day or two, they threw even more obvious clues in our faces I'll try to contribute more helpfully once my brain wakes up, also, wasn't CoD XP help at one of the aforementioned convention centers as well? Feels like the Portal 2 ARG all over again..waiting for people to inexplicably disappear and leave cryptic messages...
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