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  1. I posted this in another thread and Tac said I should maybe post it here. I know this isnt the media center but I made a whole video today about my theory of when Green Run is set. I took some info from this post by Tac and developed it more. My conclusion Green Run is set in 1986-1987. Here is the video. 41TNSbOtmH0 Here is a brief summary. The soviet union stamps on the boxes in the PAP room gives us a vague time period of 1967-1991. Yes they could have been there for years but there is other evidence. Nuketown and Moon happened together, and I think the day of Moon and Nuketown was somewhere between 1966-1967. We can hear Marlton in the fallout shelter, which shows us that Green Run couldnt be at the same time as Nuketown. Most definitely after Nuketown. Then there is the quotes from Maxis about 'I have been searching for Decades'. 2 decades after 1966-67 was the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident. There is Russian silo's as a result of this Chernobyl accident. Also, I think Marlton was around 15 in Nuketown, also because I think I heard a womans voice in the shelter, which could be Marlton's Mom? I personally think Marlton looks about 35-ish in Green Run. 35-15=20. 20+1967=1987. Just after the Chernobyl accident. Watch the video for more detail. The only other thing that could have happened was the Marlton traveled through time with Richtofen at some point that we dont know about, or Marlton developed his own Time Travel Teleporter whilst in the Fallout shelter. This is backed up by the 'This device will prove my mental superiority once and for all' Could this device be that he has developed his own teleporter (because he is a nerd and all) This is just my theory. I might be way off. What do you guys think? Also, im new to all this theory stuff.
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