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  1. And also the reason he thinks the reason that the black ops are so important even with all htis technology, is the fact that they hacked all the drones and stuff of the sort, and some of our last remaining options ARE the black ops and humans.
  2. I definitely think there is going to be a vehicles only game mode, I mean, they speak of all this unmanned stuff, it's gotta be vehicles. As for the campaign, I see something happening in the 70s-90s that continues the cold war, so this isn't the second, it's the same one, and there is no detente, just more detterance(stocking up on weapons so other countries are "scared to attack you") than years into the cold war (2000-2025) somebody hacks into the us command and takes over the drones and etc.. then blame the attack on another country, then BAM nuclear war, game over.
  3. WOODY! look at his right eye than his left hahaahahah
  4. I GOT IT, guys this took me so many hours of thinking and googling to match the voice in my head, it's done. DONE it's tom hanks. The video is random just needed to hear him. damn it vid thing isn't working just go here http://youtu.be/68CKnirCxak
  5. Idk if that worked, but as soon as I saw that picture, I thought rocket/shuttle/anything that flies in space, I know ballistic missiles don't go to space, but you get the idea, It just explains why there are three different sets of rockets, eh who knows.
  6. I was the one who actually mentioned that it might be a UFO I made the pic cleaner here Yeah I think I read that a couple days ago or something, credit for that to you! I know it seems dumb what I said but hey, who knows?
  7. I'm pretty sure that black dot, is what the picture that was posted the other day is, an older advanced UAV type thing. Another theory, When you search that quote a website comes up saying, aliens, are we ready for them? So maybe that thing is a UFO or something, also the enemy could be ANYONE, they joked about zombification in space, AND Maybe they are saying the future is not as far off, is saying that even though we can almost be assured that there is life somewhere else, maybe it's implying we make contact with them. Whether or not it's like a crazy future, alien, shoot em up game, maybe somehow we come in contact with some weapon, or one of them, that either we're not prepared to control or destroy. Eh idk haha.
  8. JUST KIDDING, it was my comp lagging, disregard my last post.
  9. If you watch closely, it starts off going, "The" after that comes "En" and THEN emy, however the only letter that twitches clearly, is "d" in Could, put it together, The end? Hahaha Idk
  10. I'm new and and I'm not very good at this, but I'm pretty sure these are hexadecimals, I know someone posted about this earlier, hexas go 1 to 9, and A to F, considering that matches up, look up hex to text or hex to binary to text and start copy and pasting some parts of the code in to see what happens. I'm going to school but when I get home I'm destroying these codes unless they're already cracked.
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