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  1. While playing a game on Kino with Salad_Fingers, I thought of a nice strategy (or challenge if I find its really hard) that uses the generator room. You need 4 people playing, make sure the host is the white player. Start the game out how you normally would by going the mp40 route. At round 18+ when the spawns start to speed up, open to the generator room via the M16 door. (This is the room between the alley and the stage) Blue, yellow and green players will camp in this room while the host does the stage train. As long as the host is on the stage the zombies wont go up the stairs t
  2. I just did this on der riese, I definately recommend buying the spawn guns last. The idea is to get to the stg as soon as possible, with this strategy you can just by guns in between rounds instead of barely scraping together enough points to open doors. Also go via the trench gun out of the spawn so you don't open the top door of the thompson room, it makes it a lot easier to train there and point whore.
  3. Thats the smartest strategy since trains began, brains to you good sir. Thanks man! I think something similar could also work for Kino or Der Riese with the teleporters. Hmmm, Maybe turn on the trap between spawn and the stage, run to the teleporter, teleport to spawn to wipe out the following zombies, then go via the dressing room and turn on that trap.....?
  4. Thats the smartest strategy since trains began, brains to you good sir.
  5. Man, I definately know how you feel. I think all of us here on CoDz can agree that the most annoying random would be the little kids that spend all of their points on the box (and never jug), and when they finally get a ray gun, they spam it until they down themselves three times every round. (BTW, try to teach your kids to get jug first if/when they play zombies ) But as far as Der Riese goes, it does get quite annoying when three people are yelling at you, saying that you have to camp on the catwalk. TL;DR: I feel your pain man :)
  6. Wow, just checked this post, thanks for all the nice feedaback guys :3 but yeah, I seriously can't belive I got [brains] for my first post 0_0
  7. uh, I suck without jugg, so thats a no-no for me But yeah, I'll post what I can, but as I said, I don't really know enough people to do this challenge regualy so its kinda hard to make guides for maps I havn't played on. I kinda want something akin to the MZG, where people from the forum post their own little sub-guides, heck, maybe even add SotF in the MZGv2. Thanks for the feedback though :P
  8. So, this post is probably going to be a collection of SotF guides for every map, kinda like the master zombies guide. But one thing, I need people to PM me their guides for maps I havn't and/or can't cover (Shang Gri-La, it never looked that fun to me, so I didn't buy it). I cannot do this challenge 24/7 to consistently update this guide, so thats why I have decided to make it a more community based thing. The General Stuff for Every Map The Perk Setup: Note: On The [email protected] maps, Kino and Five, just buy the original 4 perks, there is no need for mule kick. JUGGERNOG: Obvious perk
  9. So, I guess I'll start out...... I'm an Aussie with a sh*t immune system so I'm constantly sick, which = more time to play zombies . But seriously, I'm kind of a forum stalker, I've known about this forum for ages and followed it everyday, I just never bothered to join and/or post. I play Black Ops zombies on PSN (I'm never gonna get over the fact that they changed it to SSN) and [email protected] on PC for the custom maps. I never play solo, not because its hard, but because it gets repetetive, theres not much action going on unless you down, which usually screws me over anyway. However I lo
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