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  1. Okay, I can do that in a second I guess. But I was just wondering as to where is the page that shows which rounds equauls which medals?
  2. Well, I don't understand what I'm suppose to do lool. Like, I dot see where people are finding this stuff at. For nikolie medals and stuff.
  3. What is this "Four Guardians"? I keep seeing it but I dont know what it is. I have super high rounds on every map for Ps3 If anyone wants to play. PSN: i-_-i2ecoiil-_-i Kino:56/2 Five:51/2 Dead Ops:34/2 Nacht Der Untoten:42/3 Verruckt:50/2 Shi No Numa:48/2 Der Riese:49/2 Ascension:40/2 Call Of the Dead:45/2 Shrangrila:40/2 Moon:96/2
  4. I just searched this on google and found this because I've been thinking the same thing. You have alot of good idea's but some of it I wouldn't recommend. For example, the maps. Nobody wants to pay 60$ for maps they already own on a different game. It would get boring really fast. And alot of people play zombies for the leaderboards, so they can strive to get higher and higher. If you had all these different game variants it would be really hard to make leaderboards for all of it ya know? The "more than 4 players" idea is good in theory, but then again the maps would have to be huge to support that. And think if you're playing two people on a 8 player map, imagina how much room you would have and it's be too easy. I was thinking they should do something like survival mode in MW3. First of all you should have a combat record of how many zombie games you've played, how many kills you've had total, which gun you use the most and stuff. And they should make it KIND of similar to multiplayer. So you can rank up and unlock new guns and stuff, but I don't think you should be able to create classes. I think you should be able to change your starring pistol and maybe grenades. There should also be more perks with a different perk limit. Maybe one where you earn more money for headshots, reduced wall ammo prices, etc. Then again they would make it like they do with cod points in MP. Make it where you earn COD points each game and you can buy camp for your guns, use it to purchase different starter pistols, to buy maps that come WITH the game. Like you can't unlock it until you earn a certain amount of COD points and purchase it. Der Riese 31:Ascension 26:COTD 38: Moon 41: PSN: I-_-i2ecoiil-_-I
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