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  1. Possibly except that it goes through him when he is the first target of the tomahawk. It sounds like this is just a glitch like a figured. I was afraid that Treyarch was trying to make Brutus harder or something and updated Mob of the Dead with the a nerf, but thankfully not. Thank you everyone for your answers!
  2. I was playing a game of Mob of the Dead Solo and got my hell's redeemer without any trouble. I was holding out on the bridge due to how easy it is to do so, but I encountered a problem when Brutus spawned. In every other game before, I could throw my redeemer at Brutus twice to kill him quickly, but when I threw my Redeemer at him it went through him. I tried at least twenty times with several different Brutuses and every Redeemer went through them and caused no damage. It killed the zombies fine, but Brutus was unharmed. After a while the Redeemer would hit Brutus, but only if I threw it at a zombie and it then chained over to him. Even then, it had a tendency to stay away from Brutus when chaining. Was this a glitch or did Treyarch nerf the redeemer to make Brutus more annoying and difficult?
  3. Are people really having this much trouble with the Hell's Redeemer? I have gotten it several times and never had any problems whatsoever. I always get the kills I need on my first trip to the bridge and with no major kills with the retriver at the prison. I generally use it every round somewhat, but I don't wait to hear any sounds while at the prison. I leave one zombie, go to the bridge and finish the round with the retriever. After that I do one full round with only the retriver and then head back. I have never heard the actual audio your supposed to hear, but the portal always takes my retreiver. Thats probablly due to the zombie sounds though. Also as a side note, the best way to pick up the redeemer in my opinion is to bring the round on the bridge to one zombie, fly back and send your retriver into the portal. Go to the afterlife switch at the top of the spiral staircase and kill the zombie. It will be a short trip to the redeemer and a short trip to the gate at the bottom of the staircase.
  4. Yeah it can't be done solo, but if you use a second controller with no other player, then it will work. You have to be Weasel though.
  5. Custom games with two controllers, sorry for not being specific. I don't think it could be done pure solo with the whole 'kill the other players thing' at the end. It might be possible, but why put in all the effort and find out you cant do it?
  6. Thank you so much for posting this. I had no idea that it could be done solo and this made my day, because getting three unkown peoplke online to help is a pain. I tried it out and successfully completed the easter egg on my second try! It was really stressful on the last round I had to survive, but I got it good. Thanks again for letting the community know this! Now I just gotta do Die Rise...
  7. That is disappointing, but oh well. Thank you for helping me.
  8. I have done the Ensemble Cast/Stand In and the Time Travel Will Tell achievments but the vril generator is not spawning in Richtofen's inventory. I have two people splitscreen going and it hasn't worked after several tries. I have read that you can do it offline so it should be working. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. Based off of the radios on Moon, I don't think that Maxis knew of Griffin Station. Yes, he is in the radios but I think the events of the early radios were in Der Riese because after Edward touches the MDP and addresses his followers, he talks about how HE teleported them to the moon and built the station. Makes it seem Richtofen did it secretly with his supporters while Maxis worked at Der Riese on teleportation, which he hadn't mastered yet, but Edward had. Maxis was about the human condition and would have shared the tech at Griffin Station had he known about it, but maybe not since he destroyed the earth while claiming to helping the human condition five minutes earlier. Richtofen on the other hand only wanted to complete his scheme and definetly wouldn't share any tech outside of his followers.
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