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  1. It's live! Pictures and videos all around.
  2. Unless you record the music yourself, its not posted anywhere that I can find. I have seen videos of it in the past, but they've been taken down presumably for copyright infringement.
  3. Great progress has been made so far in converting this document. I hope to have it fully completed and ready to show within a week.
  4. While I'm thinking of it... if you can get a screenshot of the pause screen that shows the basic game controls, that would be great too. Same goes for the Silverback Challenges.
  5. Imgur is probably better. If you would email me the list of URLs, that would be great.
  6. Just pictures for now. I'm looking for pictures of things like the weapons, power-ups, and if you have pictures of the stages themselves that would be great too.
  7. I can get started on updating the guide with pictures and even video if you have it. Just let me know where I can find the content and I'll get working on it. I will of course give you credit for all media.
  8. Hi Everyone, I was invited over here by a fellow CODZ member to talk about DOA2. Soooo, I'd like to link a little something I spent god knows how many hours on creating. I would post the whole thing in its entirety, but by linking to it I know it will always be up to date whenever I make changes to it. http://www.gamefaqs.com/ps4/145061-call-of-duty-black-ops-iii-ps4/faqs/72570
  9. Give me anything but the stupid bird and I'm fine. Given the choice, I'll take furious feet just because I prefer to bunch up the zombies and make it easier on the team to pick em off.
  10. Yep, no doubt about it. Super Smash TV was one of my favorite games on the old 16-bit SNES. It's where I drew and developed my skills for DOA. The game is a virtual copycat in almost all regards. Dead Ops' control scheme is much better since it allows for flawless 360 movement and shooting unlike Smash TV which only allows movement in the standard 8 directions.
  11. Well considering this is pretty much all I play when it comes to Black Ops and I've written a strategy guide of my own on this gem of a game, I feel inclined to comment here 1. Give the option to allow or disallow stealing of lives. I personally don't mind when it happens, but a lot of players would prefer to have weaker players sit out a round (or 90 seconds) while the rest of the team mops up the mess the other player left behind. 2. Like others have stated, I think Solo leaderboards should be added. It gives a better idea of who is actually a good player and who gets their asses carried to the higher rounds. 3. Fix the game crashing glitches (ie bird+flamethrower in high rounds, carrying a tank over a portal, G-Spawn, etc)
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