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  1. ok dudes:u really need dual mag and the Sleight of Hand. let me tell u y...i had died like 50 times because i get out of ammo in front of a dude without killing him..and dont having those 2 things is very ugly.so he kill me.. and i have killed alot of dudes with my phyton because of the Speed Reloader it has when i go down and this dudes think im dead..but suprise my phyton do his work. i remember one time when i get all the 3 killstreak(dogs,blackbird,and Rolling Thunder )when i was down only with my phyton i was so suprised!!! see u there!! sorry for my english!
  2. Well i am here, again to show you my and maybe the best class i ever had(made). 1:flak jacket(this dudes throw granades like rain) 2:Sleight of Hand (the fastest,the better) 3:second chance pro(you can be survived by a friend + you can kill the enemy) 4:AK47=Ak47u, + Extended Mag OR dual mag.(works good with Sleight of Hand ) 5:ON LETAL IS YOUR CHOICE. 6:On tactical=Concussion or flashbang(this work best for campers) 7:■■Camouflages:your choice. 8:pistols:PYTHON + Speed Reloader(remember the fastest the better) remember,dont let this dudes kill you.. on my opinion the AK47 IS THE BEST because it is light and make you run faster. and also when you go down you can still reload your python faster. well thanks for read.('')"!"
  3. i hete him:u can get kill by the zombies when u'r running and romero gets hit,then his voice stops u and the zombies can get u easy. i really dont like him in any way add me:cuarententena on ps3
  4. add me:(cuarententena) on ps3 iam good on zombies
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