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  1. Waffe-Craft is up for download! It's easy to use, fun, and it allows a whole new REALM of possibilities for custom zombies maps!

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    2. Stop Mocking Me0

      Stop Mocking Me0

      Ah, well I guess I do owe Jolt a bit of an apology….

      ...LATER! >:)

    3. Jolteon


      No need for an apology. I know how it can feel to have amazing work feel like its ignored. Just remember this IS only a forum, and as awesome as we all are, our opinions, or lack thereof, mean very little :)

      Also the text cut off is because there is a character limit. Nothing we can do. I'm praying this last paragraph isn't cut off too.

    4. Jolteon


      Also, no need to rewrite the thread either. I've ventured into the Aether of the CoDz pool of death and dragged it back out. You'll find it in Off Topic.

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