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  1. wat about after EE when you look up in the sky and you can still see the earth from "area 51" any theories on how that is possible and once we finished EE but the earth was not there as well as second one on area 51
  2. It is really stupid how in DOA the boards take into account the level as well as time wheras in regular zombs it stops at 99. 3arc should really fix that
  3. RiinZlerz


    How do you access the terminal section of the homepage wat credentials do you use
  4. loved this i been lookin for info for a while since i played with tyler5000 on ps3 add me if u play ps3 same name as on codz love this website love all u who slay zombs
  5. wat is happenin i am RiinZlerz on ps3 just joined
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