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  1. That's heaps creepy, adds to the thrill of the game!
  2. Well, it's the next day and the rush for the rezurrection map pack is over. I'm not sure what I'm more pleased about the 'Moon' or the remastered World at War maps!! ;)
  3. Good to see some new forum users signing up. I really wish sony should just fess up and let us know when its dropping. If there was a issue i'd rather know I can can stop reloading twitter and this thread and play some games. This has been the worst five hours of my life. Hoping it will be followed by the best five. AMEN TO THAT!!! :mrgreen:
  4. No one has a clue. Should have been by now. Im thinking 4pm uk time so 1h 21m. Hope it's not the case but its a waiting game bro Screw this then I'll just wake up early and download it :)
  5. This is my first post on this forum and I was just wondering and hoping if anyone had a crystal clear idea of when the map is coming out in Australia. I am definitely assuming it's hours maybe minutes ( fingers crossed seconds !!! ) Hopin for an answer, Slayer
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