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  1. It's possible Nikolai knows more than you think but keeps it hidden from the rest of the crew. But Dempsey thinks Nikolai knows more as he quotes the following about Nikolai in Ascension while Pack-a-Punching. "Yeah, Nikolai is alright, I just think he is hiding something under all that booze." - Dempsey But then again, he could hide things about his past and he doesn't want the rest to know about it.
  2. It's no HD image, but I hope this helps you a bit.
  3. Hello zombie fans! Time for a quick introduction. This is TSbuster (also on Xbox 360), but my real name is Josh. My username is inspired from the TimeSplitters games and the Ghostbusters movies. I'm from The Netherlands. My main hobby's are gaming and drawing. I'm also a big fan of the James Bond franchise. I'm looking forward to discuss!!
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