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  1. You could be onto something there. He's changes it now, but didn't Jimmy Z have a link on his twitter bio to the Watt Steam engine (here I think - http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Watt_steam_engine) a little while ago. Hence the theory that we were going to England in some coal mines for the next map (which we now know isn't the case ) Yes he did! That's exactly why I thought it was too much of a coincedence
  2. nice theory,and i see ur new here.Welcome Not really new just not very active, but thanks I hope something like that happens!
  3. How awesome would it be if it was a flare and instead of drawing zombies to it, it would make them run away from the light, like in Alan Wake
  4. Weird, I counted how many of each letter there were (A4 d7 F27 G16 and X7) I googled each of them and found that they were all airplane models, steam train models, or both. I wonder if the airplane is going to have a steam powered engine!? I'll keep looking
  5. I think its more likely to be a demon, since when do hell hounds eat zombies and help you? Also no one has seen pack a punch on this map yet, I wonder if this will explain the origins of it and maybe when you feed the demon enough zombies he allows you to pack a punch! I think that would be awesome
  6. How do you know that, mate? Well Sam, who was teleported around the same time as fluffy, isn't in control and neither is richtofen. This means the "controller" would either be controlling in the future (after Richthofen) or in the past (before Sam). Seeing as they are dressed like mobsters and are using old tommyguns I'm going to go with the latter.
  7. Someone is in control, who would say "max ammo" if no one was in control?
  8. Mob of the dead takes place before fluffy was turned in to a hellhound
  9. Do you have any idea where maxis is? I know Richtofen is in the mpd and I'd imagine that's why he can utilize the towers but I don't know how maxis is capable of using them Also, since maxis no longer needs the power turned on to communicate in die rise, do you think the story line is advancing on the maxis side of the easter eggs? I cant think of any way that Richtofen has gotten stronger, unless activating the tower in tranzit allowed him the power to teleport the crew. Its kind of odd how no matter what easter egg was completed in transit the results in die rise are exactly the same
  10. Do you have any idea where maxis is? I know Richtofen is in the mpd and I'd imagine that's why he can utilize the towers but I don't know how maxis is capable of using them
  11. Sensible in the sense that it limits Richtofen's sphere of influence? Yes, because while the size and calculations of the rockets' blast radius nearly wiped-out the whole globe, Maxis succeeded in restricting Richtofen to a devastated planet. You could go into morals and ethics of whether this was the right choice to make, but it won't make a large difference considering that Maxis needed to stop him quickly. Samuel is only the prime candidate for Richtofen. The audio transmission and Tranzit explains how Richtofen managed to speak to several people and Maxis the same. Richtofen can communicate with anyone, but what happened at Jackass Flats proved that he needed someone who would be more prone to doing his bidding without hesitation. Thus, Samuel became his spokesperson. So yes, Richtofen would not be able to restore the towers without Samuel as his tool. I was under the impression that only people who ate "the flesh" could hear Richtofen? Thanks for the response, I'll be sure to brainstorm some more. I wonder what maxis wants with the towers
  12. Do you agree that this is a much more sensible reason for maxis launching rockets at earth? I mean if it weren't for Samuel being able to hear Richtofen there is no way that he could reactivate the towers (gain power)
  13. If Richtofen is using the crew to complete tasks for him, why would he try to kill them with zombies? He wouldn't, this is why I believe that he is not in control of the zombies. When Sam was in control, her goal was to avenge her father by sending out the zombies to kill Edward. Richtofen goal: (as of now) activate towers. Why? Sam controlled the zombies when these towers were functioning. Since they are not Richtofen cannot control them. They are simply acting on instinct which is why they try to kill the survivors. Digging even deeper, I doubt maxis designed rockets to spread disease on earth. I think it is much more likely that the 3 rockets sent from moon were designed to wipe out these towers and prevent Richtofen from gaining control. So Richtofen is activating the towers so he can control the zombies, but what does maxis want to do with them? Only time will tell
  14. Which could have worked if it weren't for the flesh (the reason Samuel can hear Richtofen)
  15. Even if he isn't evil, maxis is still trying to control the towers. Now that i think about it, his evil laugh from moon might have been out of happiness when he thought that destroying the towers would foil Richtofen's plans.
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