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    Craaaap, that means 5 or 6 EST D: Yeah, sorry But at least you are getting it in 4 days. I have to wait a month and 4 days :cry: Well it might also depend on where you live. When I was waiting for Map Pack 3 to show up on the PSN store I waited until 2 or 3 am PST, and it finally showed up. It might depend on the console too, so I don't know.
  2. K0oanz

    Release Time

    I think it will come out around 2 or 3 PST. Just stay up late ^_^
  3. The space helmet does appear on the D-Pad (Inventory), I just print-screened right before it. Space Helmet On (Notice how there aren't any Frag Grenades or Gersch Device's): The picture above is when he has it on, but not when he can move while he has the space helmet on. Space Helmet in Inventory (Now the Space Helmet, Frag Grenades, and Gersch Device Appear): http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/P.E.S Yeah, you are right. I just noticed that. According to COD Wiki, P.E.S. stands for Pressurized External Suit, which makes sense. P.E.S.: This is
  4. I don't think the space helmets work like that; as Night Vision Goggles. They are used to protect you when you're outside, exposed to space. I assume that if you don't wear them, when you are outside, then you will get down.
  5. Are you sure? When you put on the tactical mask all the way it has the same outline as the space helmet, when you go outside. Putting on Tactical Mask: Tactical Mask On: Space Helmet When Outside:
  6. Haha, have fun, but... I'll be waiting for a month and five days :cry:
  7. Yeah, I know what you mean. I hope they fix these small details. This is going to be the last new zombie map for Black Ops too, so they better polish it and perfect it because we won't see new ones for quite a while.
  8. One thing I am wondering about though is... Is Treyarch going to replace the space helmet animation before the actual DLC comes out? They should have fixed it before they released these gameplay trailers. But this isn't the first time that they've been lazy. In CotD when you dolphin (swan) dived with Sarah, she sounded like a man when she hit the ground, like the rest of the characters.
  9. Team Dempsey!!! Shooting for Richtofen Proof:
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