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  1. Maybe she could be the Leader of the Asension group?!??!
  2. Hey peeps, In the intro on black ops, when u load it for the first time, there is a woman reading numbers. Also she is in the end reading numbers...who is she?? And will she be in the possible black ops 2??? Just wanted to know
  3. What I meant is that I don't know how to get them:( [brains]
  4. Well it sounds Like your screwed. The only thing you could do is try to guess the date. If you give up, well, idk you could start from scratch? Mod Edit - Please don't ask for brains. Especially when this post did nothing to help him.
  5. I DONT HAVE BRAAAINSS!!! help me with this please :)
  6. Can't wait to see what surprises are in MW3.... Hope it has a epic campaign ending like MW2!!!
  7. *=Carb1n3=*

    Help meh

    How do you get the picture of your customized class on your signature???
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