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  1. On the close up of sarah michelle gellar with DM look slighty to the right on the ice slab might be me but it looks like a face, can't make out whose though
  2. Great find didnt notice the grenade launcher BTW how do you give brains could be a flamethrower attachment? [brains]
  3. Me to IMO the ak47 should have been on kino along with the stoner, enfield, m60 etc Also think thats a stakeout but hopefully am proved wrong because the trenchgun would mean Waw weapons are back along with cold war weapons
  4. Well welcome to CoDz Anyway I've always wanted to level up in Zombies shame they won't add it. (Unless there is a update May 3rd). BYE BYE!! Thanks for the welcome. an update on may 3rd is a possibility, last minute reveals is a usual thing by treyarch now. ;)
  5. I believe that leveling up in zombies would defeat the purpose of playing co-op because you would get people not reviving each other, stealing kills but thats just my opinion. btw am new here, been browsing the codz forums for over 8 months now looking for updates on map packs, easter eggs.
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