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  1. this information is false.. dogs come every 3 to 5 rounds. this i know for sure You can't argue with hard code. level.dog_round_count = 1; // PI_CHANGE_BEGIN - JMA - making dog rounds random between round 5 thru 7 // NOTE: RandomIntRange returns a random integer r, where min level.next_dog_round = randomintrange( 5, 8 ); // PI_CHANGE_END do yu think its different on the pc cuz i play ps3 zombies every day and they come every 3 (rarely), 4, or 5 ( rarely) rounds, i even write down wen they come so i know wen to expect them. i have never seen them come 6 7 or 8 rounds late..
  2. this information is false.. dogs come every 3 to 5 rounds. this i know for sure
  3. yup.. [brains] skill and practice are neccesary.. and laps are possible in on the stage obviously,, the lobby 2nd easiest, alley as yu mentioned, the balcony room ( first room on right of lobby) (really really easy even though it seams small), and the hardest would be the mp40 room. so yu could have 4 guys spread out. 8-)
  4. damn.. i wish i could show yu but im on Ps3 and ill just have to explain this.. and as i mentioned i havnt figured out ascension so this is kino im talking about... i was on level 66 yesterday and the 60's were taking about 10 traps.. if yu read further ill explain... MY STATEGY ( the best strategy in the WORLD i believe without glitches) 1st step have both teamates get monkeys and thunder GUN and automatic wall gun ak74 most the time ( ill explain) and 2nd player crossbow PAP and anything with a speed of 110% preferably smg so yu can get points, my partnar last night had knives, so i was hitting all the traps. 2nd step make sure all doors EXcept the door in the corner of the stage near claymores is closed.. this is a MUST. 3rd step start the route- begins in fire trap room (chair room, first room on the left to the lobby, their is a place in that room where yu are basically in the fire and no zombies from any angle can get to yu.. and if partnar stands near those stairs that are closed off no zombies will be attracted to him.. zombies will only be directed toward man in the fire.. ( so no zombies are basically spawning and dieing spawning and dieing, reapeat untill 40 seconds, the trap dies out head to alley and then up stairs to that power room or whatever and hit trap.. and again there is a spot were yu can stand where no zombies can get to yu or ur teamate. and no im not talking about inside the trap, meaning yu would have to rebuild barriors, im talking about to the right of the door in a corner.. again zombies are spawning and dieing spawning and dieing,, making for very fast round = fast game.. the throw monkey to get out room and use fire trap again, and just keep repeating... there is alot more to it cuz there is a plan b when yu are low on ammo, and a plan c when there is absolutely no ammo.. but yu get the gist... ZOMBIES ARE spawning and almost immediatly dieing so.. there yu go.. i might be the only one that knows about that spot in the fire room and i bet very few know about that spot in the other room... shoot for points while behind traps reload ak74 wen can and if points start getting really low, step outside of strategy horde zombies and use wall guns to get points (mp40) room best... this is very easy in the later round when bullets do nothing to the zombies so yu dont hav to worry bout them diieing an spawning behind yu... therre is so much more technique involved and even though im telling yu the main idea, it takes so mucch more skill and detail.. if yu want to know anything else or more detail let me know :D
  5. i havnt really worked wit ascention much, only on 40 wit 4 players.. thats nothing to me.. but i can give yu a few pointers that would speed up ur game... i no i cant prove this to yu but ive gotten to 59 in 7 hrs on kino, improved my speed to 58 in 5 in a half hours,, and then recently 55 in 3 in a half hours... so the trick is to keep your self stationary on the other side of a trap for a little bit,, so when yu hit the trap in front of ak74, sit right behind the fire trap while your teamate keeps the window being rebuilt so no zombs can corner yu.. this spawns more zombies in the stamina perk, meaning more deaths per trap,, meaning faster time,, as soon as yu see that first zombie come around the corner yu book it,, yu should be able to run right past them although thundergun blow may be necessary
  6. You only get one thundergun per group. this might be called a glitch but yu can also get more than one TG by a firesale, by hitting the box while one is in the PAP, and hitting box while teamate wit thundergun is downed.. im not sure if the last one works
  7. I think you are either reading my chart incorrectly, or reading the Eagle's Orbits table incorrectly. They have the same information, but it is presented differently. If you don't know how to read my graphs, there is a key at the end of the 1st chart. ok.. sorry.. ur right.. i took a lil more time figuring ur chart out,, and the power up thing makes sense now.. the ray gun though?
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Khl1o-gvKv8
  9. i def seen more than 1 ray gun from a box,, and im not understanding the whole powerups thing... it seams to me like they come in bunches and usually once a round toward the begininng.. and i used eagleorbits weapon charts which dont match these charts all that much
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