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  1. You on PS3 or XBOX? I'd like to make 50+ on FIVE if you're game. I made 39 with 2ppl...I need someone who's good @ running the middle floor, while I'm up top. Lemme know which console you're on--- My PS3 GT is Space-Time_Prism
  2. Listen up everyone: So, I see a lot of misinformation being presented here on this particular thread. Let me bring you ALL up to speed, and slice through the bullshit that many of you are assuming/speculating upon. #1 - You can gameshare as many times as you want, you just have to make sure that when the person you're sharing with, has initiated the download(s) that they deactivate your account from their system. Deactivation is done like this---> Goto Account Management / System Activation / PS3 System / Game / DEACTIVATE SYSTEM. #2 - If the person who is leeching from you, does not do this once they've finished looking through your stuff, and have everything Q'd for download, then this will count as a registered PS3 system on your account. #3 - That's all for now. If you're any good at zombies, hit me up online @ Space-Time_Prism I'm always down for a good game, as zombies, is the ONLY thing I play ;o))
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