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  1. Ok guys this is how to make a siganture like mine but you can do whatever you want. 1.Get Paint.Net which is free 2.Find a game render of the game you want (IMPORTANT must type game then render) 3.Go in Paint.Net and click new then make it 500 width and 150 height. 4.Then go to file open get the image then get magic wand and make it 70 and then highlight the WHOLE picture and copy which is ctrl+c and then paste it in the other box which is width 500 and height 150. 5.Now you can do what ever you want you could add text or put more images in. 6.Save the picture and then put it in photobucket to get the code and then put the code in here. Also could people please like this post please.
  2. You know what i change my mine i would say when Frank Woods dies because Woods saved your life and then he killed the one guy while killing him self :(
  3. ChrisMi11Chris


    Does anyone know how to get ranks because i would really want one.
  4. I would have to say is when Bowman died in russian ruelete.
  5. Well i dont even get it like why even do that you cant get revived and your just gonna lose every thing.
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