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  1. I`ve also noticed that at least 2 of us gets the raygun before round 6, and we all have it by round 10, is anybody else getting it an unusual amount?
  2. I have played numerous times with 3 players on Shangri La. (I've yet to find a decent fourth) While we've played I have noticed that not one of us has been able to play as Richtofen, who happens to be MY favourite character. Does this have something to do with the easter egg, do you NEED Richtofen?
  3. ReadDeadRiot just posted that MajorNelson tweeted that the map pack won't be out until after 9am EST/6am PT. viewtopic.php?t=12959
  4. Does anyone know what time the DLC should be coming out in Ontario, a little bit more specific than 'tomorrow' anyway? I'm just wondering if I should stay up overnight to wait or what? :D
  5. Does the Gersch Device kill the zombies or bring them somewhere different, if so where?
  6. I see it everytime I play too. I always thought it was just background detailing, but am still curious...
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