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  1. Guys I don't know what it is but I got it sent by this other dude and he said mrseven wanted me to have this so he gave me a download link for the file and the file had what I showed you and other shit and this sound file. I would show you the sound file but then I asked the guy who had been sent to give me the file of mr7 he then made a reply a day later saying ”NO. Only when the time has come you shall reveal it." Then I repliied ”when will the time come? Why can't I show it too anybody right now? What's the point in that.” He said - ”Because Noise is coming” I said - what? And now the guy ho got sent for him hasn't said anything back since. LOL
  2. You guys seriously WTF? I'm not trying too flame. Its just that its so obvious. Its ; CALL.OF.DUTY.ZOMBIE.LEGION. Do you wonder why its on a BADGE??? :l l:l cannot believe i had to double post this one.
  3. You Guys. ZCODL is; C-call O-of D-Duty Z-Zombie L- Legion CALL OF DUTY ZOMBIE LEGION. lol. Notice how the COD part is at the top of the badge and ZL is at the bottom? :/ ;)
  4. Well we dont really know yet if he hasn't showed us what hes talking about do we? stop over exaggerating and let him do his thing.
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