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  1. SOLO: stay in lobby till half way through round 4, then retreat up stairs racking up points on my way to the stage, leaving the alley closed. If the box is en'route i will hit it once (im a tight ass in early, i payed 950 for the box im gonna 950 points out of that gun regardles) take watever it gives me, if not m16 of the wall. turn on power, link teleporter, cut a lap mopping up rest of round 4 zombies with knife. If dogs next, stand and deliver! If zombies, go up in teleporter and lob grenades. buy now you should have enough for juggers. get juggers + QRevive then ill do laps on the stage bunchin up the zombies then unload into the bunch 4 max points. once handgun empty hit the box (pray for thunder cannon) if not take wat it give me and repeat what i have been doing untill about round 15-16 (you should have about 20000 by then) At the end of round 15-16 leave a crawler and go get all perks, and hit that box for the thunder cannon (if your prayers wernt answerd earlier) and m16 for the other weapon. Instead of doing laps on the stage ill starts doing laps of the entire map thunder cannon when looking and moving foward m16 when i turn around to pick a few off. Once m16 empty ill PaP it, but ill try not to Pap the thunder cannon untill i absoultly have to. One they stop spawning ill start doing laps of the stage again bunchin them up for max points. Repeat untill dead! And start every round in teleporter. MULIT-PLAYER: Dont PaP till round +20 I find out what stradgey the othes want to use untill the power is on. Once on straight for the Bowie then juggers, then smash the box (ill spend all my cash till i get wat i want in the early rounds). I either want ray-gun or thunder-cannon and monkeys. M16 of the wall will be my other weapon. Now ill save for all the perks besides, sleight of hand. Next ill start cutting laps with my m16 saving all my points 4, traps, turrents and PaP. REPEAT till dead or ragequit cause of muppets! Or if i got a good team we will camp in the lobby at the top of the stairs doing the monkey bomb glitch(taking in turns throwing monkeys, then taking in turns throwing a grenade at the m14 picking up new monkeys and repeating). more than one player can make a monkey of the same grenade so, theretically you sould have a almost endless supply of monkeys if you all work together P.S. soryy about the spelling, im a tradie not a academic.
  2. Author Message x Steely Post subject: Just played Ascension? Posted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 7:55 pm Human Joined: Sun Oct 17, 2010 12:13 am Posts: 8 Brains: 30 Zombification: this has had to have happened to someone else, but when I went go play Der Riese with my friend Tyler (The maps from the Hardened Edition) it gave me AND him an error code, ended the game back to the main zombie menu and there on the menu under "Five" was "zombies_ascension1.mpg " I freaked the fuck out and it started loading, it had a lot of weird messages on the screen while it was loading though, like "Loading File: etc etc" and the map screen was a checkerboard. It loaded and it looked like the map wasn't totally finished, still had a lot of modeling and finishing touches to do but I was wearing my beaches and heard Sam say "Ahaha, THIS IS IT!" and dempsey said "Shut up, freakgirl!" and Nikolai said "I'm going to need a lot of vodka before i deal with that crazy bitch... she reminds me of my wife." Nikolai was my friend Tyler and I was Dempsey. The map was pretty dark but I remember seeing an Olympia, Skorpian and I think an M14 in the spawn room or nearby, there was blood splattered like everywhere, at least I think so cause on some spots it'd be darker and kind of neon red over the other dark colored walls, and there was a flight of stairs going up to ah I think five levels? The words "Ascend from Darkness" came back but Ascend was underlined in chalk or whatever the white stuff is lol there were a lot of bodies already on the floor like they were add ons they wore lab coats and stuff and there was a desk that had files about that mission where you play in single player where you have the blow up the german rockets. The only other thing I saw before the game glitched out again and ended was one of those maps on the wall but it was of an english coast and it circled a lighthouse looking thing somewhere in England with an X near the coast and below it said "Bismarck in der Nähe von englischen Küste hat scheiterte, konnte 115 Nottransfer" no idea what that means and it took me fucking forever to copy that for you guys so be thankful. I was in the game all of like 10 minutes before it glitched out and then it was gone so i dk.
  3. Ok i know im gonna sound like a newbie but wats a eGG? why should i find them? what do they do for me? Also whats these radios every1 is on about? thanks for ya patience.
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