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  1. I think that there are also six blank portraits. Be aware of the six! lol
  2. "If the player noclips out of the map, they will notice what appears to be a section of the Berlin Wall out front of the theater. Players can see a segment of the wall along with a guard tower. On the opposite side of the wall, players can see an East German television tower, the Fernsehturm. This suggests Kino der Toten takes place in West Berlin. It also possibly suggests that Kino der Toten is set in 1968, as said television tower is under construction (it was completed in 1969)." Source: http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Kino_der_Toten
  3. I have found a free hex editor software. I'm goind to try that now and report back with the results. EDIT: I feel that I don't have a clue of what I am doing.
  4. That's what I was thinking. I want to take a look at them. But i don't have the PC version, so I can't dump them myself. And, I don't have PC, so I can't download any files. If you stumble upon any screenshots of the file dump, you should post them here. I have the PC version but I don't know how to open those files.. lol
  5. Maybe Ritchtofen has to report to Steiner, and that's why he is recording his entries.
  6. We should take a closer look at the dump files again... Maybe the passwords are there, but just encrypted.
  7. In Der Riese, in the teleporter Z-C room, there's a sign under the teleporter with the letters "ENG" (in the teleporter Z-B, it reads "GER" - which may have been the one that they used to travel to Kino der Toten location - and in the Z-A room, the sign reads "FRA" which could reveal the location of the second map pack) which probably stand for "ENGLAND", that could lead to the Ascension Research Facility in Ascension Island, which is British domains. Richtofen and the crew could make another time-space travel. PS: In the Der Riese labs there are some photographs of Kino der Toten along with other photographs of unconfirmed places...
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