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Everything posted by jonzo

  1. wow your brightness is really high, i dont think you can see the black circle on that brightness. and yeah i think thats the light
  2. well thanks for believing me i knew some people would think i was trolling
  3. Okay well i don't have any screen shots sorry but ill tell you what to do 1. you need a china lake, only weapon it works with, so far haven't tried them all. 2. go to the Luna lander near speed cola 3. look out for a light far in the distance, more towards the right side. 4. aim at it with a china lake, don't ads, you will see this random black circle around your cross hairs. the more you look away from that light, it starts to fade away, i don't know what it means, or if there's something more to it, but i just wanted to show you guys. if your having trouble finding this, my gamertag is: jonzo187 PS: I'm in Australia, so if your from somewhere else you will have to put up with the lag, sorry. also i probably wont be on at the same time as you much, and if i am its because its like 3am here so i might not be stuffed playing zombies at that hour. Also if this has already been posted sorry.
  4. "and everything dies look to the skies To see the end of all creation again" _______ Lyrics from 115 _______ i know most of you have seen the roof break open and zombies flooding from the holes, some of you just say its for zombies but i think there is something major up there. From time to time the whole game shakes and you hear something big up there. Even the song 115 backs up my point, 'look to the skies.' what do you guys think about this? at first i was just like "oh thats cool zombies can come from the roof" then when i heard all the shaking and noises up there i was like "wtf?!?!"
  5. jonzo

    Teleporter Glitch?

    happened to me and my friend, dont think its a glitch tho its more like a fu*k you for rushing in.
  6. http://www.mytinyphone.com/ringtone/1668825 this is my version of the Map Pack 3 ring tone, free to download!!! and you can listen to it without downloading it.. tell me your thoughts about it ohh soz just relised this might be in the wrong thread.. soz :(

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