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  1. I think you have the word "enigmatic" and total cunt confused. Why have you written this based on what a man who confessed he was bullshitting. It makes no sense that someone who came on here talking a load of shite gets so many acknowledgements for he's efforts.
  2. I was pretty sure it was done. But the nav cards do nothing- why would they bother putting something in that did nothing or wasn't needed yet.
  3. Anyone fancy a game now- add me oneilstar- for the love of fucking Christ please have a mic on
  4. Georgre Romero was the director of one of the first zombie films Night of the living dead Almost all zombies you see today are based on his idea of what zombies are and how they react- his nickname is the godfather of all zombies and this is paying an homage to his zombie legacy- great director and all the original zombie films (night, day, day of the dead) were quite amusing. This is just a tip of the hat to him really He made night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, document of the dead, night of the living dead (1990 remake), dawn of the dead, diary of the dead, survival of the dead. Dawn of the dead is my favourite- they all lock themselves in a big shopping mall (basis for dead rising)- get it it's quite funny
  5. Not sure if this is connected to the Fuse/Vodka/Golden Rod, but this is one of the first maps where there has been no traps to assist you . On the loading screen at the bottom (where it gives you text info about the game as you load in) there was a message which said 'some traps take more than one component to activate' As far as I can see there are no traps- I wouldn't say the green lighthouse light is a trap- is there something that has not been found yet?
  6. yeah he does that if you shoot him with certain weapons- like one shot off the upgraded VR11- he goes into the water but comes back a couple of rounds later tho
  7. Did i miss something- how and when did George die?
  8. Hello, I've been watching videos after you give the vodka to the guys in the room. Richtofen asks for a favour- a big golden rod with fingers on the end- he then says...but it will take a ????????? to find it. Can anyone tell what he is saying- listen to the point at 1:40 on this vid http://www.youtube.com/user/NGTZombies Thanks
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