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  1. Hmm. This be a tricky one. Maybe. Who knows. Treyarch have shown us alot, but are keeping even more secret. Watch This Space...
  2. I don't know if i'm the first to think this, which i'm probably not, but who else agrees that the Black Ops campaign missions might have something to do with Zombies? We all know that GKNOVA6 is something to do with Zombie mode, and that Nova is in Story and Multiplayer modes- Campaign: One of the missions is named Project Nova Multiplayer: Peice of equipment called NOVA gas... But suppose that the project Nova bit is finding out what the guys at GK have been doing. Which would link to Zombies. Suppose you go to the place where the Zombie outbreak is. You may encounter the Zombies in story mode. I think this is quite a reasonable hypothesis. What do you guys think?
  3. I honestly think people focus mainly on the bits when they go "Aw Damn! Got knifed from 3 foot away" or, " Everythings so unbalanced. I can't even walk without getting Nuked! Friggin rediculous" Just enjoy the experience of playing what may be one of the best FPS in history. Try to remember your 360 throwing knife across Rundown final killcam in search and destroy, not the guy camping in the back of the plane with the RPD. And another thing... Why does everyone at my school think i'm childish for playing CoD? It's an 18 rated game and they treat it as if it's 7+??? Confuddled here...
  4. Commando- Yeah. Ok Danger Close- Good on everything else. Specially Chopper Gunner Most glitches are brilliant. Depends which ones I don't see any problem with the spawning system. Your placed out of the way. And if there's an enemy there, then it usually doesn't spawn you there. Boosters- You get them in every FPS. Maps-What about Wetwork, China Town, Countdown, Bloc? And the good ones? Favela, Rundown, Invasion, Karachi, Highrise, Terminal. Camping- Don't know why but really big in MW2? Hmmm They listened to some things. They tried to make a non campy map. It didn't work, but they did it. I think everybody really focuses on the negative side of the game. They don't take notice of the really good bits. Really pisses me off. It's a fantastic game. Just play and enjoy, don't moan and grumble.
  5. I got Modern Warfare 2 the day it came out and still enjoy playing it as much as I did then. I was just wondering why everybody thought Modern Warfare 2 was "Broken" or a fail. The only thing i prefer on CoD4 is the guns and the maps. Everything else on MW2 is better in my opinion. Just wanted to know why everyone (Which it seems to be) thinks MW2 is such a big flop? :?:
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