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  1. lol posted those numbers awhile ago but cu-does on all that info [brains] 4 u my friend
  2. how about tank in the foreground with a flame thrower burning a zombie with captions that say smells like zombie q and the other characters in the back round pointing and laughing
  3. ok so well i was finishing sp i noticed on the part where u get let out of the chair and take off it said objectives updated i was like i have a objective so i pressed pause and this is what i saw in order of appearance http://img88.imageshack.us/img88/1097/captureyr.th.png'>
  4. he was talking to 11111 about an address maybe its an address the numbers but how
  5. lol so now we wait so u find anything
  6. yes but what code we need to look through some more stuff lets see what we find
  7. i dont really no but no more news
  8. Patience when he said they will win in 32 hours we have 2 figue it out before then i think
  9. yah i asked if its a trial or a full program lol but im working on it
  10. he just sent me this "Are You Interested In Becoming A Conscript? You Won't Have Felt The Values Of Being Human Without Signing Up! Free Link: www.gknova6.com Listen To What They Have to Say!
  11. i really dont have a clue. MARTYRE i think it is french or somthing
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