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  1. PPSh, Bandolier, Stopping Power, Second Chance. Put me on Dome and you won't even have a chance.
  2. I think they should take out FMJ (especially considering that's the standard military ammo type anyway) and bring back Deep Impact. I think they should take out the "pro" parts of the perks and for most of them make the pro part its own separate perk, or include the pro with the perk from the start. I definitely don't want to see Bling go, but I'd rather them rename it to something a little more serious. Get rid of Commando, unlimited sprint, and take out Cold Blooded and bring back UAV Jammer or Camo. I also like how in WaW you could aim down your sights faster with a submachine gun, instead of moving faster while ADS in COD4. Lastly, I hope they take out the aperture sight (it wouldn't work, its basically like having a rear sight and no front sight. How would you know your weapon is lined up?). I'm not sure when reflex sights came about, but I do know they weren't around in Vietnam. So instead of apertures or red dots, a 1x scope would probably be best.
  3. I'm pretty sure the first two docs aren't "blacked out". Like someone said, they could be images of space, or something else intentional. I say this because there's an awful lot of white dots. When you look on other docs where things were actually crossed out, there's definitely not that many white dots on the black highlights.
  4. Wouldn't it actually say CCCP or have Russian characters instead?
  5. Get rid of the gay MW2 perks and killstreaks and rework them. Also, if I see stopping power go I guarantee I won't buy this game. One of the main reasons why I play COD is for instant kills with most any weapon in hardcore.
  6. I hope and don't think Treyarch is going to include their WaW zombies side story in campaign. Campaign is probably going to be set in the real world. But your speculation is completely possible for whatever co op side story they release.
  7. You guys do realize the M202 FLASH was in the reveal trailer, right?
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