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  1. Maybe it would be a good idea to make different threads for different documents? It would make things more organised and easier to see which documents need more work. EDIT : I'm making a video to put on youtube which will contain all the documents and e-mails but i won't post it unlesss you think its a good thing to do....maybe someone else will spot something..
  2. It sounds very similar to call holding sounds....maybe something will come up later closer to the release...
  3. Well it would fit in pretty well with the "everything is a lie" part of the story.....
  4. I found something in the html which says #transmission {visibility:hidden}. I don't know if changing it will work but i just thought i'd show it just incase it leads to something.... Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. I think I found where the hideout place in the website is set! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcX7WJGRZYs This is the "Watch the world" trailer released yesterday if you pause around 0:06 you can see the main character about to crash into a window hanging on a rope........ which looks very like this picture which has the machinery from the website http://twitpic.com/1nqz25 . w00t i found an important clue thing (hopefully)
  6. How is this supposed to lead up to something in NOVEMBER? It's seem to have lost most of its attention already...
  7. Can someone make a list for all the things that need to be "investigates" i.e the different numbers on the boxes, the blinking lights on the radio etc..?
  8. To me they look like two bloodied sheets covering corpses. I can get what you're saying because they do look like hands i'm just saying they also look like sheets covering corpses.
  9. When you enter the password the camera zooms out and you're in that room with all the other tv's and stuff. There's also a series of flashing images that come up on the new transmission. Best guess would be to screen capture and try to sort out to see if the images form a picture. It's easier to understand if you give it a look.
  10. I can see (i think) a 20 year gap in the dates.The date it was written was september '44 but the stamp in the top right says it was recieved march '68. :?: :?: :?:
  11. When reading the source code i found a line of code with "transmission = hidden" on it. Maybe Treyarch or whoever left the code there so it can be quickly changed at a certain date?
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