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  1. I could be wrong but arent the emails from John Trent signed X ? You are wrong and you are forgiven. I know in my mind Trent = Reznov. X is, I dunno. I'd love to see some plot twist revealing X to be someone we will never expect.
  2. One: spell sequel right. Two: Reznov is John Trent (and I quote "Tell Mason one more thing. This time it's freedom for both of us.", as said to Hudson in an email). Three: Those who say he was gunned down first tell me where they saw this happening, and where they saw his body. Four: It's not a sequel, Treyarch has mentioned they "might" make campaign DLC, and honestly, this would be better as multiple DLC packages rather than a game. My idea of the DLC for Black Ops: 1-3 Campaign Levels One Zombie Map 3 MP Maps
  3. Not sure what any of that has to do with this. And John Trent is obviously not real, and in my opinion, the alias of Viktor Reznov while in hiding, though two things pique my interest. One is the final part of the secret code "is he who he says he is" and the warning email sent by Trent to JFK before his assassination.
  4. http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Jhudson I'll get my own pics of it as soon as I have the time and oppurtinity to play my game again, but this might do for now, i anything someone might be able to check right now.
  5. Here it is http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/vi ... ecret-Code it embedded there, i'll try to confirm it for myself if anyone hasn't already or can't.
  6. Ok, I am posting off my phpne so i cant copy paste links atm, but look up the Maverick Code for Black Ops, i will try to confirm it myself later but it heavily implies Reznov is alive. Also, in Revelations, when Hudson is telling Mason that Reznov died in Vorkuta, and it flashbacks to the escape, it looked as if nobody was driving the car when Mason got on the train, at the very least, I saw nobody in their getaway vehicle. If there was nobody there this could mean either Reznov was not in the car (not too plausible, but still a possibility seeing as how Mason was schizophrenic and the circumstances may have been different, or Reznov got off on his own and left. This is somewhat supported by the emails to Hudson from John Trent, specifically the one dated one day after Redemption, which states "Tell Mason that this time it's freedom for both of us." Which implies Trent may be Reznov. Correct me if I am wrong on any of these points.
  7. So I leave for a few weeks and this is what happens? God almost everything posted in the last few pages is WEEKS old.
  8. You said you felt nothing, but it could have been a piece of paper, so i suggest ripping it out, besides, I'm sure you can get it repaired later.
  9. fine No, people have sent and received emails from giovan, X O, and Nova Six. THey choose not to reply to some/
  10. found this on call of duty wiki, so now we know why he is important don't know wha ive done to go on there though, or mr toasty, vosty or shizzire either Shizzire solved transmission 3.
  11. As I had previously mentioned, the documents will probably lead us nowhere, so our focus should shift to the other items. Maybe a separate thread for discussing the other items is needed?
  12. OK, one, I wasn't talking to you, even though you seem to be overreacting as well and two, you are posting off topic.
  13. They picked the people who did the most/best work (Shizzire, for example), and then some people who were involved as well, simple, and most of these are probably somewhat random, and it feels like you are overreacting.
  14. THis proabably isn't for the main story, and the three gases probably aren't going to appear, as there have been references to a more powerful, unnamed gas, so that might be the one appearing.
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