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  1. Nice job guys ! Azure replied on the Google group's feed ! We're about to get some more informatttttioooooons I knew "a public place" was more something like Flickr or Imageshack !
  2. http://www.gametrailers.com/video/exclu ... l-of/64933 I was also watching at this trailer and... 2 things are remembering me GkNova6 : - We can see, near the end, an astronaut. - The name "" seems to be composed of tv screens... And, I don't know if that's this thing making me crazy, but I see some of the pictures from the first Transmission in it. We can also see numbers : 2010:03:2 and 06:46:49 (not sure for this one). I don't know if can be usefull. Also found on Kotaku : http://kotaku.com/5528598/ "SR-71 Blackbird spy craft (hence the "astronaut" pictured above)"... Black... Spy...... I CAN'T STAAAAND THIS GKNOVA SECRET ANYMOOOORE :p
  3. Is the name of the file (102174) related to any date ? Could it be October 21 1974 ? I did not find anything interesting for this date...
  4. http://www.thecabal.com/ "The Cabal is a PVP guild focused on player versus player conflict in massive multiplayer online role-playing games such as World of Warcraft." I hope this is not the return of the rumor of an MMO around :(
  5. Smileys ? I only understand "Azur as the task"... Which means nothing :s Who is Karl ? "# Mörser Karl was a series of German 600mm mortars designed to bombard heavily fortified positions during World War II" "KARL, the KAiserslautern Register Transfer Language, a register transfer language" ? I'm totaly lost...
  6. I would add to this that the image on the last transmission is the First picture we saw in the first transmission !!!! Just telling... (I'm TIRED)
  7. Why "Trifecta"... ? I can't find it.
  8. This part of the transmission is included in all the transmissions, I tried to find what was written but... I can't If 5 + 5 = 10 is more than just a date, and if we think this is the length of the keywords, let's list all the 5 letters words we have found in that transmission : - Marie - Curie - Hertz - Seven - TRIAD (From Paul A. Bartlett) - ILIAD (From Paul A. Bartlett) Also, I think Freedom7 is really important because, this website has been done with an Apple Mac, usually showing the "Apple" logo on the bottom of the page. In this page, the creator took care of removing this logo... Maybe that's no really a clue but I keep it as a clue ! Maybe we should look, on a map, at all the points that the second en third transmissions gave us (California, Ohio, Florida, CIA, etc.) ?
  9. Just to let you know, I tried to translate numbers in letters and for every letter used has number 1, there is no result So... We really need to use a cipher...
  10. Okay, but that's just a possibility. If the word written in JUZAZS is not comon (like SOMD in the last transmission), it won't find it. Purple Hell returns also THERE
  11. thanks for joining here legacy. Can you explain how did you find "OPENED" ?
  12. I don't even know :'( But I'm sure that the MOD Q and the numbers has something to deal with Kryptos !
  13. I think we're missing something, and I'm maybe on something... We never mention the first sentence : "They used the earth's magnetic field. x The information was gathered and transmitted..." From Kryptos... On Wikipedia we've got : BETWEEN SUBTLE SHADING AND THE ABSENCE OF LIGHT LIES THE NUANCE OF IQLUSION "IQLUSION", MOD Q.... Don't you think there is something here ? *EDIT* Q = 17 / L = 12... Q - L = 5... OOOOH I'm Going too far !!!
  14. His middle name is "Michio", that's not related to Alan Bartlett Shepard, so I don't think it will bring you to anything. I really hope this website (freedom7) is related to GKNova6. If it's not, we're working on NOTHING (and I would cry all night long !)
  15. Using Vigenere Cipher I found "Opened" with the key vfvnvp... Using Grondfeld Cipher I can't find "Opened"... Using Caesar Cipher, I can't find "Opened"... I won't do each cipher but... I'm not really believing in "Opened" ! Can someone explain how he found "Opened" ? Which Cipher ?
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