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  1. ....you truly are a backstabbing bitch, aren't you? You even said that you were involved in the hoax yourself...try and counter this statement, i'd love to pull the video Justin recorded about this. Beh, yes i said that, i'm not going to lie to you guys and counter my claim by not saying that i did say that back in the forums, just didn't expect somebody LIKE YOU to blurt out our position AND what we say in there... But you know what? I'm fine with that. Unfortunately there is just A LOOOOOT of things Mr. Camus couldn't quite catch with this...You really had no idea about the HL story and what happened from the beginning, you didn't know most about how we became to be, and also your videos sucked, i remember sending you an e-mail about the authenticity of the videos, i had a feeling SOMEBODY faked those videos.... Oh, and i'm also waiting for you to tell me my address, i mean if you worked with the guy then SURELY you SHOULD know my address...and for the "THIS WAS A HOAX" to show up on gknova2.com. I mean, you did say so yourself you worked with the guy who made the packages, website, and recordings. I'm waiting.... P.S. Take away my brains, i deserve it for lying to you guys Oh and this will be my last post on CODz until the Black Ops Release...or when people start torrenting the game and finding out about it's co-op modes and stuff. Have a fun time, kiddies ;P
  2. I actually did a comparison on both songs as they were playing... Two Down's song is slower, but it retains the tempo of the song. The GKNOVA6 song is looped, but it's much faster and it "hears" as if it's higher in tone. I guess we just really can't pinpoint how the song goes after that loop in GKNOVA6...but i have to admit, that YT song is pretty catchy especially with the guitar half-way into it P.S. Yeah it was put up TODAY, but how long does it take for you to make a song and then be able to be used for a game company? that takes WEEKS and possibly MONTHS to do. But you know what? Believe what you want. I'm not going to stop you from saying this is fake :P
  3. Ummmmm... I don't want to SAY Henry Langham has just been officially confirmed but i just saw THIS VIDEO and if you listen to the beginning, it's the SAME music you hear in GKNOVA6 now...but the song is slowed down, yet it retains the same tempo of that song you hear in GKNOVA6... I'll leave this up to you guys :/
  4. Dude, seriously, you can stop now. Whether or not he was real or fake DOES NOT have much factor in the gameplay of zombies...ok if the story is fake then zombies will be utter crap in Black Ops? IS THAT what your trying to say? I know your into HL, but i mean COME ON! You are literally the stereotype of the "HL fanboy" everyone here is talking about. No wonder flame wars start so easily here... Just let it be and enjoy the moment. We have zombies in Black Ops. That's all that matters now, if you want to discuss HL, you know where to go. I'm keeping my "Henryism" to the other site, but here? ZOM-BAGS Thank you for the post carbon, and sorry about what's been going on with your site, it's a VERY constructive site and i understand why you didn't like all the "spam" about something that was neither fake nor real without any confirmation from Treyarch.
  5. I truly am loving this whole fight war between CODz members and the HL members... One side doesn't know when to shut up about him and enjoy the moment while the others just doesn't get that they would have to wait until they SEE the "truth" about it, yet even though they tell us to "STOP FLAMING" they are just counter-acting their own actions by instigating more and more about how HL is fake... Oh drama drama drama, you never let us down from a good show Yeah, I'm a HL follower, and what of it? Am i stupid to follow him? Maybe, but i really don't care now, we have zombies in Black Ops, three new modes, new weapons/old(?) weapons, and many more stuff...and i'm just happy to take it all in ^__^ Well, time to get ready for my visit with "0"/Henry/Ben for my surgery, maybe after this surgery i might see if this is real or not :P
  6. Henry just wants to say hello to you guys :)
  7. ..... ..... .....Oh i'm sorry, you must be mistaking me with Alex, i NEVER received a hard drive, the only thing i received from "henry" was THIS PACKAGE. If you notice, this was a VERY DIFFERENT and VERY SPECIFIC package, hell it even has DAN'S SIGNATURE (Remember the conversation between Dan and Simeon from the Live Drops and the Package carbonfibah got? Yeah, i got a letter STRAIGHT from him). The letter has some things that freaked me out (my name, address, occupation, education, future career) and then some that was...a bit BS (future relations). I checked out the book, there are only two copies IN THE WORLD of that book, and apparently i have one of them. 13 Amp fuse is well...there. I "praise" them because no matter if this is fake or not, they're way of viral marketing has just been amazing so far, never have i seen something of this caliber for a video game. Plus, if you think about it, the whole "Black Ops" theme fits this viral marketing as well (working in forums, sending out cryptic messages, etc.). But you know what, believe what you want. I'm just a regular guy who somehow got way too involved in this, and i didn't even want to be as involved as i am now from this thing.
  8. ...this never occurred to me but i just want to ask this question/possibility/thought: Let's say, this DOES turn out to be real and everything that we got was in fact present in COD:BO's Zombie Mode, what would you guys say about this whole thing? I for one would think it was one pretty damn good viral marketing, hell possibly the best i have ever seen a game company do in recent years. They utilized a lot of media formats for us to "follow" the story (Youtube, community forums, PSN and/or Xbox Live, etc.) so that people like us could relate to it since we live in times of the "social network" (which by the way is more than likely why some people call it fake is because why would such a respectable company use these methods to advertise a mode in a video game rather THAN the full video game itself?) But if you think about it, that's almost the norm nowadays, many companies are using Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, community forums, etc to advertise, sell, etc. their products to consumers of a certain age group/specific interest. Whoever these guys are, they are REALLY smart, no doubt about it, they used social networking to their advantage, drawing the "age demographic" of the game and mode. THIS is why it leads me to believe that no one or two people could be behind this, it's just too elaborate to create and STILL continue after one month, UNLESS they are business entrepreneur and literally know how to play the advertising game and they are LOADED with cash, which isn't that hard to do nowadays yet not as easy as one thinks it is... I also think that if they REALLY wanted to troll us and then send us off with a big middle finger and a "HAHA", they would have already done this WEEKS ago, yet they still continue with this story...and as each day goes by, the "story" gets more elaborate than the next... I have my doubts, yet i also have my beliefs in this story, that's why i am pushing this story to move further and see what is the outcome of it. I wouldn't care if it turned out to be fake to be honest, i'm not gonna cry all over saying "NUUUU MY HARD WORK WAS FOR NOTHING D:", hell I would think that the "hard work" actually helped me better as a person for personal skill and solving problems for a "hoax", a.k.a it was at least better to research and study about it rather than not doing anything at all which helps my "brain" out (like reading a book, solving a puzzle, etc.) I would feel bad for those others that ARE going to cry when they find out it's fake, yet they don't realize that even though they put in work into it, we gathered and HELPED EACH OTHER which is a basic skill for management/job training and other useful activities/work ethic. I don't know, those are my two cents if it does turn out to be real and also what my take would be if it turns out to be fake. Now i got to go an take my Intro To Business Exam online...whoopee XP
  9. Oops, i guess i forgot to put some "OBJECTIONS!" and "TAKE THAT!"'s in my post :P
  10. ...I'm not even going to say anything, even though i have a good rant about how the forum members of this site are, i'm just not going to post it because i can probably tell it's just going to feed more fuel to the "hatred" fire. GKNOVA6 was, so far, the only thing confirmed by Treyarch...who confirmed it though, i actually never saw/read the guy who said "Oh yeah GKNOVA6 is 100% Treyarch, yup trufax", was it a member here? Was it Carbon? Was it a Treyarch employee? Community Manager? CEO? President of the United States? Jesus? Could someone provide me a link to that post? lol, hell i even remember when some people thought it was for Fallout New Vegas (the TV resembled that Fallout "theme" from it's early days) Although Bethesda told IGN that it was a good marketing ploy, but it wasn't them so it was ruled to be for COD. I just truly and honestly find this whole thing to not be a hoax, and that's the beauty of it, calling this whole thing a FAKE is actually probably what he wants us to think, EVEN IF IT IS FAKE it's literally a genius plot to get us into this, i mean if you think about it he wants to separate people from "other" sets of people by making a bunch of things obvious that could spark a lot of people to catch and then see as fake, but has it ever crossed to you guys that his "fakeness" seems too obvious? I can't tell you for a fact that this is Treyarch's or Activision's doing, yet there are a few people who can tell you that what's been going on is either Treyarch or Activision's doing. Don't give me any "brains" because i can already tell it's going down the s*** hole anyway for me, plus making more threads about Henry Langham (who is, so to speak, DEAD) and calling him fake is ACTUALLY bringing a lot more people into this mess all over again... ....that's why i kept telling you guys to NOT TALK ABOUT HIM ANYMORE. It's done and over with, you can prove that he is fake for 1000 years, yet you still mention HIM, basically fueling his fire even more. I'm not one to say this, but this thread should be locked. End of story, i don't think this thread should continue unless you want just a bunch of people claiming he is real and another side claiming he is fake. This is pure nonsense and your just feeding fuel to a dead fire that was put out ON THIS FORUM a long time ago. ddanso7, you have good valid points there, i am not going to lie, i did find it odd that the username benntheren was the first person to mention this whole thing, plus i've seen Youtube Videos of his that showed he was just a regular guy, but all the videos that some people have put up have been flagged under copyright infringement for Activision... If you want to do the right thing for ALL of us, just lock this thread and stop talking about him. Think about it, if you keep talking about him and he will have made his purpose, if you stop talking about him, he will not have anything much to do. Even if he does troll back into the forums, just ignore his posts/chats. P.S. If it DOES appear that he is fake, we have enough man power to take him down, trust us, i don't think he would want to mess with us after what's been going on ;)
  11. lol ddanso, nice use of Pheonix Wright annotations + music Even if this all is a hoax, i have to hand it to the guy, he can definitely make one HELL of a marketing ploy...well, we will all see come November 9th.
  12. Henry is dead. He is a ghost. "0" Get back to GKNOVA6.
  13. Why was there video of Carbon at a hotel in Tampa? ;)
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