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    • A Pokémon fan is creating a 60fps mod for Scarlet and Violet that significantly boosts performance. The mod, created by theboy181, is not yet complete or publicly available, but videos have been posted on Twitter showing the smoother frame rate. Of course, this is all happening on a PC emulator rather than the Switch directly. Read more View the full article
    • Following his appointment as co-chairman and co-CEO of DC Studios alongside Peter Safran, filmmaker James Gunn has confirmed that future DC video games will indeed be part of a larger connected universe for the Warner Bros. franchise. In a back and forth on Twitter, Gunn stated the "DCU will be connected across film and TV (and animation)." When asked further if this statement also included games, Gunn replied with a simple and clear "yes". This news is not surprising. Earlier reports revealed that Warner Bros. Discovery head David Zaslav had spoken to the wider company about plans to "build a bible for a cohesive DC universe" that would include media such as "live-action films, TV, animation, gaming and more". Read more View the full article
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