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The Wisps and The Code

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After upgrading a bow, a player will need to use the non-upgraded Wrath of the Ancients to shoot six electric coils above the teleporter. This is possible in one shot in the right position.




Once shot correctly, they will glow orange, and after all have been shot, you will hear a roaring noise, and must now search for a set of wisps.


An electrical wisp will spawn in one of eight locations, and must be shot with an upgraded bow before time runs out. These are the eight locations:


1. On the table in front of Quick Revive:




2. On the car between spawn and Double Tap:




3. In the room above Double Tap on top of a cabinet:




4. On a globe past Samantha's Room:




5. On a phone in the power room:




6. On a clock in the mission control laboratory, above the dragon head:




7. On some machinery in mission control on the lower floor:




8. On a clock going upstairs from the courtyard:




Once one is shot, it will disappear, and the roar sound will be heard when the wisp respawns somewhere else. You will have to shoot the wisp four times without running out of time. If you do run out of time, you will need to wait until the next round.


After the fourth wisp, you will hear a different noise, and the teleporter should now have a purple glow on its pad.




Every player will now need to enter and teleport back in time.




You will only be here for a limited amount of time, so in that time you will need to grab two items, and watch Dr. Groph input a code. The two items to grab are:


1. The fuses, which are on a set of boxes to your right as you leave the teleporter:





2. A blue cylinder, which is to your left as you leave the teleporter:





Now approach Groph, who will be placing something inside a safe and he will type a three-symbol passcode. You should watch him put in the code, and be able to recall the code later. The code will be different every game.




If you acquired everything you need, you can move on to the next step. If you missed something, you can wait until the next round and shoot the wisps once again.


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