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Summoning the Keeper

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By this point, you should have at least one bow upgraded per player. It is recommended you do not upgrade more than you have to.


You should now shoot the four wisps in the same way you did in step 2, and teleport back in time once again. You will be in the same room, but must approach and interact with a computer to the right:




Then, approach a box near the wall opposite the teleporter which should now be open, revealing a stone tablet. Pick up the tablet, and wait to return to the map.




Now in the center of the courtyard where the pod crashed down, there should be a Vril Rod on the ground to pick up.





With the Vril Rod and Tablet in hand, approach the tomb in front of the Wrath of the Ancients, and place the Rod inside the tomb.




A Keeper Ghost will now spawn, and wander the map to one of four locations.





Note, in Solo, Hellhounds will now begin to spawn infinitely.


The Keeper will approach one of four tablets, and when it stops, a ring will spawn on the ground.


When you stand inside, the ring will widen, and a color will surround your screen corresponding to one of the upgraded bows. Whoever is holding that bow should simply gets kills, and souls will begin to enter the Keeper.




At the end of the round, the Keeper will begin to move if enough souls have been collected. Here are the four locations the Keeper will go:


1. The courtyard:




2. The tunnel near Mule Kick:




3. The junction near Double Tap (At this location, there is a spot on the wall next to the Keeper where there should be a tablet. Place the tablet here to begin collecting souls.):




4. The knight room by power:




After the fourth time, the Keeper will fully materialize, and approach the pyramid in the undercroft. It will teleport the MPD into the room, and in one of the corners of the pyramid, a canister will be missing and black gas leaking. Place the blue cylinder you picked up earlier here.










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