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Direct the energy to the surface

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For this step, Maxis asks you to find a grid to direct the energy from the gallows to the Tower on the surface. To do so, you have to localize a total of nine bells, spread over three locations. The locations are:


At the bottom floor of the Courthouse.

  • On the left side of the judge's podium.
  • Table on the right side of the Courthouse closest to the podium.
  • In the corner of the Courthouse, when the player turns left right after you enter the Courthouse


At the second floor of the candy shop (the room next the the room with the Power Switch)

  • On the corner of the square table along the wall.
  • On the table with two pots, near the couch blockade.
  • On the chair to the right side of the door to the stairway.


At the top level of the barn.

  • On the bale of hay just before the players drop down to the jail cell.
  • To the right of the hole in the wall near the gunsmith building, on a bale of hay.
  • On a bale of hay to the right of the gap in the railing.


Make sure there is a player at each location. Now the fourth player has to go to the Mansion, to the room right after the secret hallway behind the moving bookshelf. One a sofa, one can find a switchboard with a lever.




This switchboard has a 3x3 pattern of lights. The columns from left to right correspond to the bells in the Candy Store, the Barn, and the Courthouse bells respectively. When you approach the switchboard an onscreen indicator will ask you to press your action button in order to pull the lever. If this indicator does not appear, then you have not completed the previous steps correctly. As for the players at the bell locations, an onscreen indicator will ask them to press their action button the activate the bell.


When someome activates a bell, one of the lightbulbs on the switchboard will be activated. The switchboard basically functions like some kind of hub for the bells, and you have to find out what lightbulb corresponds on what bell. Simply test all bells and remember what lights they activated. A usefull strategy for this is to number all of the bulbs and corresponding lights.


Now the person at the switchboard has to pull the lever, and a bulb will light up.


The person at the right site has to activate the corresponding bell.  Do it quickly, because the players also have to ring the bell within a certain timeframe, or else the switchboard will reset. If done correctly, the light on the switchboard will turn from yellow to green.


Now, another bulb will produce a yellow light. If the bell associated with that bulb is activated, then that light will also turn from yellow to green. The two bulbs properly activated will remain green and another bulb will produce a yellow light, this will continue until all lights are green.


If the wrong bell is activated the bulbs will turn off and the player will need to pull the lever again. Once the entire switchboard lights green, the step is completed.




Hint: For the person that goes in the Mansion it is recommended to have the Galvaknuckles, as you can kill the Witch in one hit and it is very likely he has to stay there for a while.

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