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Build an energy conduit

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Maxis asks the player to find a way to harness energy, with that he means you have to build the gallows as an energy conduit. It can be build right in front of the Courthouse. Building the gallows requires four parts. The player can carry only one part at the time, so make sure you add a component at the guillotine building site before you proceed with finding a next part.




  1. The battery. This can be found behind the altar in the Church
  2. A spool of wire: This is located at the Blacksmith's Shop, second room downstairs (the same room as the one that provides a tunnel to the bank).
  3. An antenna: Located in the barn, downstairs in the stables next to an entrance to the tunnel network.
  4. The bulbs: Located on the second floor of the Jail building, on top of a couple of boxes.

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