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Destroy the Amplifiers

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During the next step, Maxis asks you to destroy the so-called Amplifiers. These are four orb-like devices, embedded in the ground, spread across the map. Their locations are the following:

  • One in the alley between the Saloon and Candy Shop
  • One on the left side of the Church, behind a large rock laying in front of the Church.
  • One somewhere in the mining caverns above the Town.
  • One in the backyard of the Mansion but before the Maze. Upon exiting the Mansion, at the right side of the foliage.


To destroy an Amplifier, one has to place a Subsurface Resonator aimed at one. Now place a Turbine next to it and the Subsurface Resonator will break the Amplifier.




Hint: To build the Subsurface Resonator and Turbine, one can use the Big Guy by giving him a candy in front of a workbench. 

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