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No Golden Rod in moon or Shangri La after doing COTD

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Okay so I just got bo on pc with all dlc, it's not through steam though, I've just spent hours completing the ee and giving the vril generator to the crew but when I go to Shangri La to do that ee the golden rod doesn't show up in the item slot when I'm playing as Richtofen, it doesn't show on moon either, btw this is all solo, I don't really have any friends because I'm not a fan of people so it'll be upsetting if i cant solo these. Any help would be great, thanks



I did find this, thought I'd post it here for people having the same trouble, credit to the mod maker


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To acquire the Golden Rod in your inventory, you need to complete the co-op Easter egg achievement on Call of the Dead. I think the Shangri-La Easter egg can be completed without having done this (requires 4 players), but the Golden Rod and Focusing Stone are both required to complete the 'Richtofen's Grand Scheme' achievement on Moon, which also requires more than one player on Black Ops 1.



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Damn it, so I

Apologies, hit the wrong button, so this means I can't solo these?


Can people with the CD version do this, because as far as I know, achivements can only be obtained through the steam version


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